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Are Custom Curtains Worth It?

are custom curtains worth it

Drapes are the final piece to designing any room. Think of it as the cherry on top, they are the final touch to your masterpiece. Having the perfect drapes can make or break the total design in your room. The best possible way to get the best outcome is to order custom drapery.

The simple truth of the matter is that while pre-packed drapes from your local home store can be good options at times, not all windows are created equal. Windows can have multitudes of various sizes and shapes. They can be located any number of places in your home – above a sink, in the middle of the wall, low on the wall. Beyond just the window, you must also consider the walls around the windows and the overall space.

You want your drapes to bring your room together, tying everything in to give the room the perfect aesthetic. The perfect look many times will not be found by driving to the store near you and choosing from the limited options of plastic-wrapped drapes that were manufactured in bulk, rather than made to order.

Custom drapes can at times be quite costly, but if you find a trustworthy company to work with, you will find that spending a little extra may be well worth it to get just the right look for your space. We’ve put together the top 5 reasons that custom curtains are worth it.

1. There is no such thing as a normal window

Windows are different in every home, in every room, in every space. There are no like windows and trying to make every window fit into a certain pre-packaged category just does not always work.

There are long windows, short windows, skinny windows, and wide windows. Then there are windows that are floor to ceiling length, windows that sit high on the wall, and windows that sit above a sink or countertop. As you can easily see, windows are not created equal, and your drapes shouldn’t be either!

2. Choose just the right color &/or print

Whether you need something floral or maybe you need something a bit different shade of green, you can choose the print and the color that works for your décor. You can purchase custom drapes online and select exactly the color that you need, rather than having to select something close or change your whole scheme because you can’t find the color you really want.

The beauty of custom drapery is that it’s made for you, to fulfill exactly what you want or need in your drapes. Spice up the room or tone it down – pull everything together with the perfect color or print on your drapes.

3. Custom drapes hang better, giving a nicer overall look

Custom drapes are specifically made to fit the dimensions of your space and therefore are built the right proportions to fill the space properly. Since custom drapes are literally made to order, they have a fuller look and they hang better making them much more appealing to the eye.

No more of those thin, cheap-looking flimsy drapes. No more tugging and pulling because that standard size just doesn’t quite fit your window space.  No more baggy drapes, dragging the floor because you have to choose between 84 inches or 96 inches and there is nothing in between. Custom drapes are made just right!

4. Quality is worth the cost

While custom drapes have a significantly higher price tag, they also have a significantly higher quality. The fabrics are high-quality fabrics and you have so many choices. You don’t have to select from a small variety of colors and patterns. You get what you really want for your space. You might pay more, but in the end, you’re getting more for your dollar.

The quality is such that the drapes will last and you won’t get bored with them because the key is you’ve created the perfect piece to fill the space so you won’t need to change them anytime soon.

5. You can purchase custom drapes online

I don’t know about you, but I know there are no custom drapes near me. Most people can not just drive into town and find a shop that makes custom drapes. There are just not many individuals or shops that specialize in making those drapes just for you. But there are plenty of options for getting your custom drapes.

There are online platforms that specialize in custom drapes. These companies specialize in helping you create the perfect drapes. Many distributors are set up with step-by-step selecting as you walk through the process of building your custom drapes. The best part is, your drapes are made to order.

There are so many variables that go into finding the right drapes. While you can certainly drive to your local home goods store and choose from their selection, are you really getting what you want? You will most likely find something that works for your space, but my guess would be that they won’t be the perfect piece.

The beauty of custom drapes is that you get to have a part in selecting and creating your perfect piece. You will be so much happier with those windows when your custom drapes make them look perfect – and everyone else will be so jealous!

There are so many factors that play into drapes being just right and most people never consider all of the variables. How and where should your drapes hang for the best look? What length will really be perfect for that window? Is that color going to work for this room décor and design?

So the question remains, are custom curtains worth it? I’ll let you be the judge of that for yourself, but if you take in all of the information I think it’s safe to say the cost is worth it. Leave the hard work to the experts and let them create the drapes that will make your windows look amazing and unique.

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