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Are Custom Curtains Worth the Price?

Many factors can contribute to the price of custom curtains

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Curtains are an often unappreciated style element in your home. Interior design experts, however, know that curtains can make or break the overall look of a room.

With custom drapery and curtains, you have so many options to get the right look for a room, but unfortunately, custom drapery generally is more expensive than ready-made curtains. It is important to remember though that some things are worth the extra cost.

Here are some of the differences between custom curtains and a ready-made ones that make the price of the custom versions worth it.

Quality of Fabrics

With custom curtains, you can always feel confident that they are made of the highest quality fabric. You never have to worry about any flaws, snags in the material or color variation because the fabric is meticulously inspected before the curtains are made.

In addition all of your fabric will come from the same dye lot so there are no color variations between drapery panels.

Here are some of the popular, according to the experts.

  • Woven Wood Shades. The experts says that if you are looking for a window treatment that is very versatile, a woven wood shade is a smart choice. They can complement any style room and can be black-out lined. They are also cordless which is ideal for families with small children.
  • White Linen Drapes. White linen drapes are also very popular. They are very subtle, but also bring an elegance to any space. And they can go with any style or color scheme.
  • Classic Pinch Pleat Linen. Another versatile look is a classic pinch pleat linen. Experts says it is perfect because it not too traditional but at the same time not too modern either. And you can dress it up with a more ornate curtain rod.
  • A Large-Scale Pattern. Sometimes bold is the way to go, especially if you want to draw the eye to your windows. Go big or go home, right? If you are looking for a more dramatic statement then instead of choosing a subtle fabric, you should go with a large-scale pattern.

Quality of Construction

Another great thing about custom made is that each piece is constructed using individual specifications so you get the special detailing you are looking for. Your curtains will hang more beautifully than any ready made curtain and will last you a lot longer too. Custom drapery can last you 20 to 30 years when properly taken care of.

If there are patterns on your curtains you will also not having to worry that the patterns don’t match from top to bottom and left to right which can sometimes happen with mass produced curtains.

More Lining Variety

The lining in ready made curtains tend to be minimal if they have any at all. With custom drapery however you have several choices of curtain lining which help add weight and bulk to the curtain and make it easier to darken the room. They are also good protection from fabric deterioration.

Tailored Measurements

Have you ever noticed how when you shop for ready made curtains that you only have certain sizes to choose from and either have to make do with it or do some tailoring of your own? Well, with custom made drapery, you are guaranteed that tailored measurements will be used you get the exact look you were hoping for.

A Unique Look for Your Home

Probably what people enjoy the most about custom curtains is that you won’t have to worry about the same exact curtains showing up in all your friends’ homes like you would with mass produced pieces.

Adds Style and Value to Your Home

When friends and family come to visit, they will appreciate the time and money you put into making your home both comfortable and stylish. You will be sure to get a lot of questions about where you went to get your custom drapes.

Another important thing to remember is that if you don’t have standard sized windows, you will have no choice but to get custom window treatments. Many luxury homes have floor-to-ceiling windows that require unique measurements. Or your home might just have oddly shaped windows. This is important to realize before you go shopping so you don’t end up sticker shocked.

Also, when it is time to sell your home, the fact that you invested in custom draper will have a big impact on any prospective buyers and will add value to your home. They will be more willing to meet your asking price.

Easy, Stress-Free Ordering Process

When you go to a professional custom curtain company, you are in good hands. They will guide you through the whole ordering process. They will show you the best way to measure the width and length of the window to get the most accurate measurements possible.

One quick tip the experts will always recommend is that outside mount window treatments work the best when you want your windows to look bigger than they actually are. Also, use inside mount window treatments when you want to emphasize the inside woodwork on your windows.

Are All Custom Curtains Expensive?

Despite all the advantages of going with custom drapery, the more expensive cost can be a sticking point especially if you are buying all new curtains for a whole house. Luckily though, custom curtains don’t have to be real expensive if you are working with the right custom curtain company.

You want to work with someone who is willing to help you find the best combination of fabric, heading and hardware that won’t break the bank. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get exactly what you want. You work hard every day and want to come home to your own little sanctuary that you can be proud of.

Emma Custom wants to help you with this.

Their experts are ready to help you fulfill your vision for your home when it comes to custom curtains and draperies, but with keeping your budget in mind.

Start browsing our affordable custom curtain designs today.

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