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custom drapes

7 Custom Drapes Styles You Need This Winter

Winter is coming! One of the best seasons of the year is winter. It’s full of parties and get-togethers, crisp weather and comfort foods. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the coldest seasons. While you’re trimming your tree and redecorating your home with fabulous winter seasonal décor, you should also consider switching out your drapes for

custom window treatments

9 Budget Friendly and Creative Ideas For Custom Window Treatments

If you are constantly envious of your friends’ custom window treatments, we completely understand. Everyone knows that something as simple as a window can make or break an entire room. They can be a sophisticated and classy focal point, and the type of custom window treatments that are added determines how the room’s entire lighting

custom curtains

The Ultimate Guide to Custom Curtains [2019 Guide]

There is an old saying that states you are not finished getting dressed until you’ve added that last accessory. When it comes to your home, curtains are often the final piece of the puzzle to complete the design and look of your home. When it comes to custom curtains, it can be easy to become

6 Best Tips on How to Choose Curtain Fabric

Curtains can alter the whole feel of a room; they can create a light, airy feeling or block out all the light, making the space dark and restful, or they lie somewhere between, letting in enough light to create warm, cozy look. The color can complement the walls, or the furniture, or the decorations, or

baby nursery ideas

6 Baby Nursery Ideas for a Healthier Baby

There’s nothing more important than the health and wellbeing of your kids. Often, parents are willing to do whatever necessary to make sure their kids are happy, healthy, and thriving. But this endeavor is often more complicated than expected…. And sometimes, a lot easier than expected. If you are looking for baby nursery ideas on

how to buy curtains

How to Buy Curtains For a New Home

One of the most exciting parts of buying or moving into a new home is diving into the décor. Curtains are one of the main parts of home décor that can make a statement to your visitors and even from the outside, of your personal style. A new home offers a unique situation for many

what is window treatment

What is a Window Treatment?

Whether you are updating the décor of your existing home or moving into a new space, one of the first things that many people look at is their windows. A window treatment simply refers to the design elements used to dress up a window. These include the placement and design of fabrics, the location of

how to clean custom curtains

How to Clean Custom Curtains

You went all out and designed the perfect curtains for your home. You ordered those custom drapes and you paid those custom prices, but now what? They’ve been hanging on your windows and they look great, but let’s face it – they need to be cleaned! Getting those custom drapes created and installed is one

are custom curtains worth it

Are Custom Curtains Worth It?

Drapes are the final piece to designing any room. Think of it as the cherry on top, they are the final touch to your masterpiece. Having the perfect drapes can make or break the total design in your room. The best possible way to get the best outcome is to order custom drapery. The simple

installing custom curtains

Installing Custom Curtains Part 3: Mounting Hardware

Hello again! Following up on last week’s post on what tools you’ll need to your custom drapes, I wanted to discuss mounting hardware. You can hang drapes with curtain rods, track mounts, curtain wires, hooks, tension rods… then you need to think about finials, curtain rings, mounting brackets, and a million other things. How do

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