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9 Budget Friendly and Creative Ideas For Custom Window Treatments

custom window treatments

If you are constantly envious of your friends’ custom window treatments, we completely understand. Everyone knows that something as simple as a window can make or break an entire room. They can be a sophisticated and classy focal point, and the type of custom window treatments that are added determines how the room’s entire lighting feels. On top of that, it can dictate whether a room feels uplifting or dark, and affect the mood of everyone spending time there.

If you’re saying, “I know this, but custom window treatments near me are expensive! I can’t afford that!” you might be surprised to learn that you can buy custom curtains online for very reasonable pricing. This article is filled with window treatment ideas for people on a budget. Look to us for creative window coverings and custom window treatments you can afford!

Essentials for Buying

Before you get started with purchasing, here are some helpful hints that we wish we had known before we got into the custom window treatment business.

If you’re buying premade curtains, go long. You can always hem curtains that are too long, but you can’t let down curtains that are too short. This is especially true if you move frequently. Buying really long curtains lets you keep them with you from place to place. Just remove the hem and re-hem it as needed for each move! A lot of stores won’t carry anything longer than 84 inches, but you can get some very affordable custom ones online for longer lengths.

Wait for sales. Whether you’re buying in-store or online, there are always going to be deals, coupons, and opportunities to save upwards of 50% off each panel you buy, which really comes in handy for homes that need multiple panels.

Online Custom Curtains

A lot of people think that custom curtains are extremely expensive, but they’re actually very affordable. In fact, these days they can be even more affordable than the readymade curtains at box retailers!

Custom curtains come in a variety of patterns and styles, and each order is cut to your exact measurements. You can choose the head you like, the pattern and color, and then tell them exactly what measurements you need for your space no matter how strange the shape is.

Customize Ready Made Curtains

Just because something came from the store looking a certain way doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. In the same way that you’re allowed to hem custom window treatments, you can also personalize them. Hang different colored solid curtains side by side to get a two=tone look. Change the hanging hardware to use grommets or clips instead of just a rod.  You can always pleat the tops or add some ribbon to them as well. Trimming the sides with different colors or patterns works well.

DIY Drapes

For especially creative people, DIY drapes are always an option. These can be really fun if you find affordable fabric AND know how to sew! Sometimes, custom window treatments are as easy as finding designer fabric for very cheap and making sure you get enough of it to cover your windows.

The downside is that if you’re not crafty or able to sew, it will be more expensive to buy expensive fabric and then pay someone to make them for you than it would be to just get custom curtains online. Wait for some sales and clearance weekends, then grab tons of yard of fabric at very cheap prices.

Alternatives to Curtains

Now, windows with long and luxurious treatments are gorgeous, but sometimes they just won’t cut it. If you’ve got sliding doors, furniture at windows, or pesky apartment dimensions, you may want to find an alternative to curtains.

Cornice boxes work well, and they’re very quick. Grab some in fun patterns and colors to add a splash accent to any room of the house. They don’t even need much fabric! The best part is that you can even change their shape to fit modern or traditional looks. Whether you do straight rectangles, scallops, or valances, you can easily find fun accents.

Foam insulation can also be covered and utilized. Roman shades are great as long as you can customize them to your window size when you move. Adding some simple fabric colors to the sides won’t require sewing but it’ll lengthen shorter roman shades for longer windows.

Temporary Hanging Options

A quick and easy way to cut the cost of custom window treatments is to trade expensive rods and installations for temporary options.

Velcro is a cheap and quick way to add curtains to windows. You can also use tension rods, Command hooks, and other temporary solutions that don’t require a drill.

You can even make fun shapes with these options. In fact, you can save money on pleated shades by buying longer lengths of fabric and pleating them yourself using these same options!

Fake It

Sometimes, windows are in awkward places or are in awkward sizes. (What’s the point of having a teeny, tiny window in the living room, huh??) You can fake the window size by adding long, heavy curtains and scalloped valances to completely cover the window and its frame. This lets you center your furniture for the room rather than centering it to the window, and lets the room feel far less awkward.

This technique can also be used to balance awkward rooms, create focal points in rooms that don’t have one, and cover unsightly control panels, electronics, and cables.

Napkin Rings

If you want your curtains to be held back but can’t afford brackets or expensive options, just grab a napkin ring. These work well as drapery ties, and they even allow you to change the decor up a bit by swapping them out based on the season or room colors, going fancy, or keeping it simple.

Wood Valence

If you want a more rustic look, you can make valences from wood. These work well for shabby chic and cabin décor, or even beach homes. Best of all, when you finish handing them, you can paint and stencil them however you want so they are infinitely customizable!

Experiment with the wood color and staining too. Cedar will add a fresh scent to your room. Barn wood and driftwood have very unique textures.

DIY Roman Shades

One of the hottest trends in custom window treatments is Roman shades. This look can be done on a budget using fabric and wooden dowels. Just make sure you place the rods evenly to create the pleating, and cord it off so you can adjust it up and down as necessary.

You can also make these shades from bamboo. Find some bamboo shades at Lowe’s and they won’t charge you any extra to cut them to your measurements. You can line them with fabric to create privacy and block even more light from reaching the house without it ruining your entire room décor the way overly dark blackout curtains do.

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