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how to buy curtains

How to Buy Curtains For a New Home

One of the most exciting parts of buying or moving into a new home is diving into the décor. Curtains are one of the main parts of home décor that can make a statement to your visitors and even from the outside, of your personal style. A new home offers a unique situation for many

window sizes

Window Sizes Guide for Homeowners

These days windows can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it increasingly difficult for homeowners to fit their windows with appropriate window treatments. While there are still plenty of common window sizes used in homes, design details may mean the curtains you want are still not standard. Well, take a brief look

what is window treatment

What is a Window Treatment?

Whether you are updating the décor of your existing home or moving into a new space, one of the first things that many people look at is their windows. A window treatment simply refers to the design elements used to dress up a window. These include the placement and design of fabrics, the location of

installing custom curtains

Installing Custom Curtains Part 3: Mounting Hardware

Hello again! Following up on last week’s post on what tools you’ll need to your custom drapes, I wanted to discuss mounting hardware. You can hang drapes with curtain rods, track mounts, curtain wires, hooks, tension rods… then you need to think about finials, curtain rings, mounting brackets, and a million other things. How do

installing custom curtains

Installing Custom Curtains Part 2: What Tools Will I Need?

Hi all! Following up on last week’s post on installing your custom drapes, I wanted to dig in a little and discuss a few more topics. This week, let’s talk about tools and hardware. As I mentioned last week, I probably went to the hardware store three times each day I spent on hanging my

installing custom curtains

Installing Custom Curtains Part 1: How Long Will This Take?

Everyone loves the thought of a cool, DIY project for their home… right up until they discover it takes way longer and is much harder than they thought. For example, it took me nearly three months to install and duct a range hood for my kitchen, because I kept putting it off after it was

curtain length rules

7 Curtain Length Rules to Know About When Designing Your Home Interior

When it comes to curtains you are usually regulated two standard curtain lengths. So, you must figure out how to maneuver your curtain rod, buy extra curtains or many other tricks to get the look that you want in your curtains. However, custom curtains come in all lengths, sizes and shapes. However, there are a

window treatment ideas

18 Creative DIY Window Treatment Ideas

Adding your own touch of personality and style to your home will give you a sense of comfort and welcome your guests. The options are limitless with the many different options of window treatments. You could decide to go with ordinary big box store curtains. However, if you are looking for a DIY window treatment

custom curtains

5 Surprising Differences Between Custom Curtains and Off the Shelf Curtains

Some people think all curtains are the same, pick a color, choose the size, and you are good to go. And that works for some people. However, if you are someone who wants to invest in the overall beauty of your home, then you may be surprised to find some of the main differences between

sheer curtains on sale

14+ Charming Custom Sheer Curtains on Sale Perfect for Spring & Summer

Spring brings new life to the world around us. There is no better time to breathe some new life into your home than with custom sheer curtains. Sheer curtains are a beautiful way to provide style and privacy while allowing the sun’s natural light to shine through. Whether this is your first time buy custom

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