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What Do Custom Curtains Cost for an Average Single Family Home?

custom curtains cost

You want custom curtains, but you’re not sure about the price. In fact, you’re totally worried that you can’t even afford to look at your custom options. Toss that worry aside.

Remember, there are many determinants that can play a part in custom curtains. Emma Custom is here to help make the best choices for your drapes and to accomplish your goals at a budget-friendly rate.

Take a look at our cost comparison between Emma Custom and a competitor that also provides custom drapes online. We’re going to take a look at the costs of a basic custom curtain for an average single-family home.

The Specs

For the basis of our illustration, we are going to assume a 2,500 square foot single-family home for the average home. An average single family home can have any number of windows, but we’re going to focus on a primary main window size for the purpose of this exercise.

The average picture window is 44” wide by 74” tall. However, we want to consider extra space so that our custom curtains have plenty of length and fullness to them. For the sake of the exercise, let’s add 3” to each side of the curtain and 6” to each end.

This will make our total curtain measurement 50” wide by 86” long.

We also want to consider our fabrics and heading. We will use a standard 100% polyester curtain for our fabric choice. For the heading, we will select a grommet style heading. I selected a neutral light brown shade curtain for this comparison.

Custom Curtain Store

custom curtain store

The competitor custom curtain store with all factors considered, estimated a total cost of $612.98 per window.

In an average single-family home, you would most likely have 4 to 6 windows of this size. This would make the grand total of $2,451.92 and $3,677.88, respectively.

This does not even begin to take into account the 4 sets of windows in your home that are above the kitchen counters! This cost also would not include any extra items like tiebacks or valances.

Emma Custom Curtains

emma custom curtains

With like information, we compared the costs of this competitor to that of Emma Custom Curtains. We chose the same fabric make, the same grommet headings, and an oatmeal color.  Note we did add a lining to Emma Custom curtains, as some retailers automatically line their curtains.

Emma Custom cost for the same type of custom curtain comes to $243.50.

For the same 4 or 6 windows, this brings the grand total to $974 and $1,461, respectively.

Again, we have not added in any of the extras, such as tiebacks, valances, sheer curtains or linings. But it appears for the cost, we could add in all of the extras available with Emma Customs and still have a much lower cost than the competitor.

It’s important to keep in mind that measurements and window types could vary, but for this illustration, it was necessary to use a very specific number to make the comparison.

Specialized windows could have several variances, but the ease of the system allows you to enter the measurements that you need to be accommodated and the rest of the work is done for you! There’s no need to fret over whether or not the curtains will fit or not, they are made to order!

Average Single Family Homes

The size of the average single-family homes varies everywhere you go. The most recent census information suggests that average single-family homes are now somewhere near 2,300 square feet per home.

Every home is built in a unique way, but every home also has windows and it seems like as the times change windows are getting bigger and better. Homes have big picture windows or multiple windows to a room.

The basis of this information shows an average, but when it comes to personalizing your living space and setting yourselves apart, there really is no average. Every single-family home, while it may be an average square footage, is not average on the inside.

There are so many various styles and options to choose from when you’re building custom drapes. Your color, fabric, heading style, and measurements are just a few factors. Next, consider whether you want a valance, maybe you need lining or blackout options. When you’ve made those selections, you decide you need a sheer overlay for your custom drapes. You can accomplish all of these things in one simple step.

The beauty of personalization and custom drapes is that you can measure out exact sizes and get the perfect colors, lengths, and accessories for whatever your window needs may be. Emma Custom makes this so simple by walking you through each step of choosing your custom-designed curtains.

You can learn more about the most popular styles and designs at Emma Customs and find out about custom curtains near me. No matter your location or your needs, Emma Customs has the perfect curtains for you.

Whether you’re looking for something to catch people’s eyes or you want to put that perfect finishing touch on your living room and dining room areas, custom curtains are the way to go. Add that final personalized touch to your windows, and treat yourself.

Emma Customs’ goal is to provide you with quality curtains of your choosing, but for a price that is budget=friendly. We certainly don’t want to break the bank picking the right curtains, but as you can see from the comparison listed above, these custom curtains are very affordable in comparison to other custom drape companies.

The quality of service provided at Emma Customs and the ease of going through the process on their site as you select the different options for your custom curtains wins hands-down.

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