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Flat Panel Fabric

Sleek and modern, perfect for large floor-to-ceiling windows and covering sliding doors in a discreet, simple style.

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More About Flat Panel Curtains

Anyone with interior design experience knows that even the slightest features make a statement about who owns the space. Flat panel curtains are curtains that are hung in a simple, often severe, style that creates a series of flat surfaces that are layered similar to vertical blinds. This style is sleek and modern, meaning it works well in large spaces.

One characteristic of flat panel custom curtains is that they convey traits like organization, business, and give a room a crisp, often no-nonsense vibe. These panels tend to hand from floor to ceiling and work great on large windows that will draw the eye’s attention when someone enters a room. They also look amazing when covering sliding glass doors because of their simplicity.

Flat panel curtains are fundamental, but can still add depth and definition. Their design has uniform pleats and folds that can stand out if adjusted accordingly, so remember to experiment a little when hanging them up. You’d be amazed how sometimes the most straightforward of décor choices can actually be the most dynamic piece in the room. This is especially true with how easy it is to implement a custom design on flat panel curtains.

With custom designs, these flat panels can now come in a variety of colors and styles that make a bold statement about your personality and what matters to you. If you want something simple and muted, you can’t go wrong with a gray or white flat panel. However, you can also make a room pop without sacrificing order by going wild with a pastel pink or vivid red.

Because of their simplicity, flat panel curtains or drapes do not have too many hanging options available, making them excellent for someone who wants to cover the basics without too much eccentricity. A flat panel drape is typically hung from a simple curtain rod, and the fabric is connected with basic drapery rings. This allows for easy access and the smooth swinging of the curtain when it is opened and closed. Clip-ons work as well but tend to create a more casual look.

Ultimately, flat panel curtains work best for the modernist or minimalist. While they can be styled, they work well as simple basics to either create a neutral background for a home or provide a brief pop of color in an otherwise muted room. Combine them with the right rings and flat panel curtains might be the uniform design you’ve always wanted.

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