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Grommeted Fabric

Grommeted curtains are a good alternative to flat panel drapery in modern settings.

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More About Grommeted Curtains

Grommeted curtains are the interior designer’s answer to traditional symmetry. This style offers a looser feel to the top of drapes by forming long, almost wavelike sections that fold forwards and backwards in smooth, clean lines. Almost every Grommeted curtain uses rings to achieve this look, with the rings often being directly embedded in the fabric for the perfect amount of symmetry and design in each drape.

The grommet top curtain stacks tightly to the top and sides of a window, ensuring the entire drape has a smooth and clean appearance. While flat panels tend to be more modernist, the grommet is ideal for those who crave symmetry and a classical feel in their décor. Many an individual has customized their home using bold colors, clean lines, and smooth symmetry to create a design that manages to be modern and classic at the same time – and this is where the grommet fits.

Since this is another look that excels for being simple yet tasteful, there are numerous opportunities for you to get creative using grommeted custom curtains. These drapes can be designed to suit your personal sensibilities. This means you can choose something subtle like pastel blue, more neutral like cream and beige, or even something wild and vibrant like magenta or fiery red. Numerous designs are available too, so it’s possible to get a grommeted curtain with hand-stitched embroidery in almost any pattern, including flowers, whorls, and even paisley.

All grommet-topped curtain panels should feature uniform metal or plastic rings to hang the drapes from rods that go over windows. Because of their design, grommeted curtains work well on windows of any size, including smaller bedroom windows or larger sliding glass doors.

When hanging a grommeted drape, it’s important to measure correctly because this style requires tons of fabric to cover an area. The standard rule of thumb is to add an extra 8 in. for a single window and 14 in. for a double. What does this mean? When you want to hand a grommeted curtain, measure the rod it will hang from. Then, add 8 or 14 in. to that number. The result will be the width of the drape you will want to buy to ensure full coverage from the grommet-topped panel.

This particular type of curtain is sleek and contemporary while still maintaining a classical flair due to its symmetry and classy appearance. It’s easy to customize and works well just about anywhere, making it highly versatile for your home.

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