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Pinch Pleat Fabric

The classic pleated drape; nothing more need be said.

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More About Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch pleat curtains are actually one of the oldest styles in Western design. Their use will give any home or room of yours a classic, sometimes even antique, appearance because of the subtle beauty and class of the tops of the drapes. The best way to describe how they look is actually in the name itself, since the tops have pleats of folded fabric that have been pressed together and sealed in place using pins.

Pinch pleated curtains have pin hooks, often zinc metal curtain hooks, that press through the fabric and can then be attached to rings or a traverse rod to be held in place above and around windows. Because this is a timeless design, the right pinch pleat curtains can work on all types of windows. This means you can use these to decorate a bedroom, bathroom, dining room, living room, study, and even a kitchen. Just remember to keep the drapes dusted and clean so they remain beautiful.

One highlight of this style of drapery is that pinch pleat custom curtains are available in numerous designs. The look made be old school, but the fabric and design can be as sleep and modern as you desire. This style is quite versatile, and it lends itself well to many colors and patterns.

So, you can be as traditional as you like with rich colors and fabrics like crimson silk, mauve linen, or emerald velour. You can also inject some new world style by using pastel pink, blue, and green. True neutrals are also a great choice, so don’t be afraid to use beige, cream, or even simple gray and white.

The most difficult part of installing pinch pleat curtains is figuring out the size of the drapes you need to order. As you can imagine, a lot of material is used to create the signature upper pleats common with this style. The simplest way to determine size is to measure the width of the area where you want the drapes to sit. This could be the entire length of the curtain rod, or it could be a select amount on either side.

Once you have this width, the standard rule of thumb is to double the amount. So, if you have a width of 48 in., order a curtain that measures 96 in. to get the full effect of the pleat. You can then enjoy your beautiful drapery!

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