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Rod Pocket Fabric

Rod pocket drapes give a classic look to any room; beware, they’re not easy to open and close, and best used in a decorative role.

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More About Rod Pocket Curtains

Rod pocket curtains are the most decorative of all of the drapery options. This design makes use of tons of fabric and folds the tops over in a classy pleat that hides the standard curtain rod from view. This gives the room an airy and elegant feel, and can also be used to hide unsightly hooks, rings, and other trimmings.

In general, the rod pocket will have a casement at the top. This is a loop sewn into the fabric through which the rod will sit – this is the pocket. The top is then pleated to create intricate folds and bunches that add dimension and detail to even the plainest of curtains. The only downside is that the casement makes the drapes difficult to open and close, so these are definitely decorative curtains rather than functional or utilitarian ones.

However, the decorative nature allows you to experiment with rod pocket custom curtains, since you now have an unlimited number of styles to choose from. Since these drapes can be customized to your heart’s desire, the sky is the limit. Some people prefer rich colors like scarlet, crimson, emerald green, sapphire blue, and even gold. You can also choose more neutral choices like white, beige, and gray. These shades lend the rod pocket a classier appearance, allowing a room to look cool and crisp.

If you want to be more modern, you can also use pastels. Pastel rod pocket curtains have become increasingly popular because they make a room look airy without being overpowering. Millennial pink is on the rise – a pale, subtle pink – and so are shades like seafoam green, robin’s egg blue, and even lavender.

Finally, the rod pocket lends itself well to patterns and embroidery. Since these drapes don’t need to open, you can go for intricate patterns like flowers, paisley, geometric shapes, and even lace. There are hundreds of options available, and even dozens of fabrics like linen, silk, cotton, and polyester.

Although they take a ton of fabric and can be difficult to use, rod pocket curtains are ideal for those who are creative at heart. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of possibilities available and they can be installed easily since you just need a rod, some screws, and the right casement.  Just remember to pay attention to sizing when you order your drapes. Because of the amount of fabric necessary for the casement and pleats, you will almost always need to order double the width of the curtain rod.

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