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Tabbed Fabric

Simple, clean, and timeless; tabbed drapes work well when they’re not supposed to steal the show from the rest of a room.

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More About Tabbed Curtains

Choosing the right curtains is essential for developing the ‘feel’ of a room. Everyone has a different style, and thus there are a variety of drapery options for the average individual. If you prefer your walls and curtains to be relatively plain, you might be interested in tabbed curtains.

Tabbed curtains, also called tab curtains, are one of the simplest and most timeless looks available for a room. In this style, the top of the drape does not all touch the rod. Instead, square or rectangular ‘tabs’ or cut into the fabric to form rings of material that are present at the top. A curtain rod slips into these fabric rings and are what hold the drapes in place. One of the benefits of using this style is that no extra rings, pins, or hooks are necessary to keep the drapes in place; you can just rely on the fabric!

Since tabbed curtains are considered timeless, they have an appearance that can be both classic and modern. Simplicity is the name of the game, and this is as basic as a drape can get. You thus have tons of options when it comes to picking the fabric, color, and pattern for your room.

Tabbed custom curtains are available in a variety of styles. Many people, due to the fundamental nature of this drapery, prefer to stick to neutrals. This means using plain colors like white, gray, beige, brown, or even black to create an unassuming background to the room. Using this style helps furniture and ornaments pop, but can also be used to make a professional or even utilitarian room.

However, you don’t have to limit yourself when you use tab curtains. This style can be a great way to actually inject splashes of color and embroidery into an otherwise sleek and modern room. Some people enjoy using dramatic shades like black, scarlet, and dark green to offset otherwise Spartan living conditions. On the other hand, pastels are popular as well.

But perhaps the greatest feature of using tabbed curtains is not having to use extra fabric when you order the drapes. Because this style is so simple and doesn’t have pleating, you literally just have to measure the width of the area you want the curtains to cover. So, if you have a window that needs a frame of 48 in., all you need is that four feet of material!

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