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Tailored Pleat Fabric

A modern version of a pleated drape, with a simpler look than pinch pleats.

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More About Tailored Pleat Curtains

Tailored pleat curtains are the answer to old world pinched pleat. This version of a pleated curtain is sleeker, more modern, and more in line with new world sensibilities. This means the lines are smoother, less fabric is necessary to create the pleats, and the overall appearance has been streamlined. But does this mean you have to stick to a specific look with these drapes?

Of course not!

Tailored pleat curtains, also called tailored pleated curtains, look exactly like they sound. The tops of the drapes have small pleats crafted by pushing the fabric together and then pinning it into place. The pin can then be attached to rings or hooks to help the drapes cling to a curtain rod. Pleating helps creates dimension and depth, adding to a room’s overall style.

Naturally, you can get very creative with how you style these. Just remember to order enough fabric.

In general, all color options are available to you when you invest in tailored pleat custom curtains. You can order just about anything you want, including pastels, neutrals, and richer, more saturated colors. Because pinched pleats have a formal look, simple colors tend to work the best. This means using shades like light blue or green, or investing in beige, gray, black, muted earth tones, and even white.

However, you don’t need to be formal if you don’t want to. Because these drapes have dimension, embroidery and patterns actually look amazing on these. Why not bust out the lace, the paisley, the flowers, and the Indian and Oriental prints when you choose these curtains? The tailored pleats will add extra depth and create more intricacy and complexity.

Since tailored pleats automatically require extra fabric just to make a proper pleat, you will need to order more material when planning on using these drapes. The general rule is to get twice as much fabric as you need.

To determine your requirements, measure the width of the area where the curtains will go. If you want to use the entire rod, measure that width. If you want two segments on either side of the window, separate these portions and measure them. You then want to double the number to accommodate the pleats.

So, if you have 36 in. of space, consider ordering 72 in. This will give you the flexibility you need to have beautiful, streamlined, and downright eye-catching tailored pleat curtains.


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