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7 Custom Drapes Styles You Need This Winter

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Winter is coming! One of the best seasons of the year is winter. It’s full of parties and get-togethers, crisp weather and comfort foods. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the coldest seasons. While you’re trimming your tree and redecorating your home with fabulous winter seasonal décor, you should also consider switching out your drapes for the new season’s colors!

Custom drapes are very easy to hang and remove. Once you’ve got a great set of them, you can store them and reuse them season after season, changing just an accent here or a style there to update for the current trends. If you want to know some of the best design trends for this winter’s custom drapes, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will cover insulating curtains, fabric for curtains, and how to pair the perfect drapes with your home for the season. By the end, you will be asking, “How do I find custom drapes near me?” Good news – we can help with that, too!


For a very modern look that offers a perfectly white, clean palate for your decorations, consider grabbing sheer and flowy white curtains. These are timeless and can be very modern and stark or chic and homey. Minimalism is becoming a major trend for 2019 and 2020, and white fits the bill perfectly.

These curtains are just protective enough to keep the glare of the worst sun out of your home, but still sheer enough to provide some natural light during the daytime since they’re nice and translucent.

These lights are great inner layers for the winter because they can let in plenty of light and help the room feel brighter during the darker, winter season. They are also pretty cheap, so they’re a great investment.

If white is a little too plain for you, then you can get some heavier drapes in a shade of silver or shiny grey for exterior curtains. Pull them back in a traditional fashion, where there is a curve over the window then a straight down hang on the side. This adds instantaneous class and elegance to any room.

Jewel Tones

While last year was all about matte, the 2019 season is all about high shine finishes in opulent jewel tones. These are really easy and can add elegance to nearly any room. They also give a nice depth of color for homes where the walls are not painted.

These work well for Art-Deco styles when paired with metallics and geometric shapes in high shiny surfaces. Velvet and silk are perfect materials for this look, adding even more warmth to the room.

It’s also a great way to express your favorite colors because you can go with greens, reds, purples, or even beautiful blues. If you want to break up the heavy color, then you can mix jewel-toned drapes with plain white, sheer drapes. This keeps the room from getting too heavy and lets in some light.

Gold and Metallic

Nothing says holidays like the old Burl Ives classic song… Silver and gold! If the gold, satin, and silk curtains you see in traditional homes are a little too dramatic, consider some luminous gold ones instead. These are softer and more soothing. They will take natural light and give it a softer look, letting the right amount filter through to your home. They are light and airy.

These are a great option for the living room and dining room areas because you can relax. They pair well with antiques, or with new furniture, and the color goes with almost everything you might need for color. You can even add in a patterned Oriental rug!

If the curtains seem like too much, you can play them down by letting them hang to the floor on either side of the window, while adding in a brown or beige knit fabric blind over the window and letting that hang half-open and half-closed.

If gold is still too bright and bold a choice, then go for a shiny metallic grey or silver. These offer a cooler light to the gold’s warmth while still portraying timeless elegance and class. In fact, you can choose any shade. Metallic shades and surfaces are back in style! Silver, gold, and bronze all look gorgeous in any living room or bedroom, and you can layer them with darker colors to tone them down or play them up.

Sheer Fabrics

If you don’t like the plain white decision, you can still capitalize on natural light. Sheer fabrics in custom drapes are becoming a massive trend. If you want to add some warmth to your room without blocking out the natural light, then just grab a sheer curtain in any color you want! This will tie the drapes into the room while still allowing the place to look trendy and allow filtered light through.

In fact, sheer fabrics aren’t coming in just solids anymore either. You can find some fun and playful patterns for the kids’ bedrooms and playrooms that will feel fun and whimsical!

Natural and Eco-Friendly

With so much focus on the environment, it’s no wonder that eco-friendly custom drapes have become popular. Finding organic materials and naturally inspired designs can bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home. Bamboo, matchstick blinds, and shades that are naturally woven and layered behind simple sheer linen drapes are elegant and sophisticated while also being earthy and homey.

Fun Patterns

One trend that we love is patterns! Who says custom drapes have to be monotone and boring?? If you want to add some fun to a minimalist room, then grab some curtains with patterns on them. You can leave them busy like a work of art, or mix them with plain drapes to break up the business and keep things streamlined.  In contemporary interior design, large geometric patterns on the custom drapes will create a dramatic focal point.

Charcoal and Slate

When you think of neutral colors, greys and beiges come to mind. Sadly, a lot of people find these colors blah. The good news is that the trend has shifted to darker colors. Say hello to the new neutrals in a color palette: charcoal and slate! These blend well with the metallic mentioned above to make a more dramatic scene. They can calm down the brighter metallic tones, and calm down jewel tones. The darker look adds elegance and sophistication to a room’s window.

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