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14+ Charming Custom Sheer Curtains on Sale Perfect for Spring & Summer

sheer curtains on sale

Spring brings new life to the world around us. There is no better time to breathe some new life into your home than with custom sheer curtains. Sheer curtains are a beautiful way to provide style and privacy while allowing the sun’s natural light to shine through.

Whether this is your first time buy custom curtains or you are adding to your already personalize décor, there are a few things that will make buying custom curtains a simple and seamless journey. For some information, be sure to check out our Curtains 101, to help you get some of this information.

Here are 14+ custom sheer curtain fabrics that are available. Custom length options provide the perfect accent to any room. Our custom sheer curtains are custom made to order for the most personalized curtains.

Sheer Curtains on Sale

With over 20 beautiful custom fabrics, you are sure to find the perfect match to fit your personal style. Our sheer curtains on sale are available in textures and colors that are both visually pleasing and a simple way to try custom curtains cheap. Check out some of our beautiful custom sheer curtain fabrics below or start shopping now by clicking here.


Abstract sheer curtains offer a simple random pattern woven directly onto a thin sheer background fabric. These custom sheer curtains offer a little bit more privacy than standard sheers. These custom curtains are made to order.


If a hint of delicate cherry blossom branches is something you are after, then look no further than our Blossom custom sheer curtains. Made to order these curtains can be specially designed for the perfect fit, leaving you able to be reminded of the majestic cherry blossom all year-round.

Woven Damask

Bring a touch of old-world style to your home with the Woven Damask custom sheer curtains. Large, 4-inch damasks are woven throughout these stunning custom sheers. For added design, pair them with the Damask Sheers to provide variety and style.


These beautiful custom sheer curtains provide style and privacy with leaves in two different embroidered looks to give the curtains some depth and texture. These custom sheer curtains are sure to add some personality to any room.

Embroidered Branches

If you like the look of leaves without an intense pattern, then these simple Embroidered Branches custom sheers may be just your style. Simple and elegant branches with clean lines are spread throughout these curtains giving a modern style to your windows.


Simplicity is the idea with our Mocha custom sheer curtains. No busy patterns or distracting lines here, just simple mocha colored sheers custom made to fit your needs. Whether you are wanting to soften the natural light or add just a hint of natural color, Mocha custom sheers are one of the many ways to try custom sheers without having to worry about clashing with your other décor.

Embroidered Lines

If simple clean lines are what you are after, then our Embroider Lines custom sheer curtains may be just what you need. Available in white and mocha, this sheer fabric has lines running vertically about every half an inch. Vertical lines can help add the feeling of height to rooms with lower ceilings or lengthen the look of odd shaped or shorter windows.

Faux Linen

Linen is a classic fabric look that can fit any style of room or window. With these Faux Linen custom sheers, you are sure to find a look that does not interfere with any other design elements in your room. Available in both fine and coarse textures that look and feel like real linen, but let plenty of light shine through

Embroidered Flowers

If floral designs are what you are after, then you may really enjoy the bold yet simple flowers of our Embroidered Flowers custom sheer curtains. Available in 4 colors: pink, gold, blue, and green, paired with white flowers as well, these florals will bring a touch of Spring to any space.

Embroidered bouquet

Looking for a more full and delicate floral design, the Embroidered Bouquet custom sheer curtains add a splash of color with color options including pink, gold, blue, and white. These beautiful and elegant sheers offer bouquets of flowers embroidered on a piece of fine sheer fabric.


The same pattern from our “Forest” series of fabrics is now available in custom sheer curtains. Combine these sheers with beautiful full drapes with the same embroidered pattern for a truly unique look.


Our Vine & Flowers pattern is now available in gorgeous and elegant custom sheer curtains. A simple and affordable way to bring the look and feel of Spring to any room, adding both style and function.


One of our freshest and fun patterns are our Wave sheer curtains. Gone are the straight lines and boring patterns, with Wave custom sheer curtains you are sure to add a pop of personality to your room while still getting the fabulous value of custom curtains cheap.


Our “Zig-Zag” series of fabrics offer an extra design kick that is sure to put a smile on your face. The Zig-Zag custom sheers can do the same while still allowing plenty of the sun’s warm, natural light to shine through. Pair them with any of our custom drapes or curtains for a beautiful custom design.

Still Not Sure?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, at Emma Custom, our mission is to provide you the most beautiful and affordable custom window coverings to meet all your design need. We are here to help you every step of the way.


Nothing puts the finishing touches on your home quite like window treatments. With our custom sheer curtains on sale, there are no more reasons to put off adding those finishing touches this spring. Every sheer curtain is custom made to order and shipped directly to your home. We look forward to working with you to find your custom look.

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