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18 Creative DIY Window Treatment Ideas

window treatment ideas

Adding your own touch of personality and style to your home will give you a sense of comfort and welcome your guests. The options are limitless with the many different options of window treatments. You could decide to go with ordinary big box store curtains. However, if you are looking for a DIY window treatment them check out these 18 creative ideas.

Custom Shades

1. DIY Roman ShadesRoman shades offer both privacy and light when you need it. Roman shades have been around for a long time, but with the endless choices of fabrics now available this classic can be very modern. Roman shades look great with custom curtains framing the window giving a complete look. Making your own roman shades can be a simple afternoon project. Here are a few of the items you will need to make your DIY Roman Shades:

  • Your favorite fabric– choose fabrics with a little weight to them, but not heavy upholstery fabrics, or other super heavy fabrics.
  • Wood – You will need a piece of 1 X 2 wood the width of your window, and 4-6 small wooden dowels, depending on the number of folds you want in your shade.
  • Fabric Glue
  • Sewing Machine – You can also use no-sew fabric glue or adhesive strips to make it a no-sew DIY
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Eye hooks
  • Lightweight twine or cord – You can also use fishing line, embroidery thread, cotton yarn, or heavy thread if you have them already.

There are plenty of videos available on YouTube showing you how to assemble the shades and mount them.

2. Mini Blind Makeover – when it comes to mini blinds, you have a few options to spruce up those boring blinds.

  • Paint them
  • Glue Fabric to them
  • Use them as a frame for Roman Shades
  • Line one side with Lace to add some romance and depth to the blinds
  • Frame your blinds with great new custom curtains for an updated look

Privacy Please

3. Paint – you can use water-soluble paint (like tempera paint) on the window glass to give you some added privacy and a pop of fun. Change the look with the seasons or during holidays for added decoration.

4. Contact paper – There are tons of colors and textures of contact paper at your local big box store. Pick up a roll next time you are there. You can use contact paper over the entire window or make your own designs and patterns.

5. Lace Fabric – You can “glue” lace fabric to your window using corn starch and water. This treatment will give you some privacy with a little beauty as well. Mix equal amounts of corn starch and water and use as a regular glue to paint over the lace on the window. You can either leave the lace up, it will hold just fine, or remove the lace and leave the negative space. Frame your new window with custom curtains for a finishing touch.

6. Framed Fabric Panels – by attaching the fabric to custom made frames that fit snuggly in your window frame you will have all the privacy you need without damaging any woodwork or walls.


7. Looks can be Deceiving – Foam Cornice – use foam board to create a faux cornice that can easily be attached to the top and sides of your window frame using small adhesive strips, nails, or staples. Cover the new cornice in a beautiful fabric or paint is for a personal touch.

8. Cover existing cornice – You can also change up an existing cornice by covering it in a new fabric, or even painting or dying the existing fabric.

9. Painted fabric – One great option is to buy a play cotton drop cloth. You will have tons of fabric to work with, and it holds paint very well. Use your own artistic abilities or use stencils to create a one of a kind cornice.


10. Scarves – scarves look amazing when the sunlight hits them. Attach scarves together either along the side or at the corners for a unique and funky curtain. You can also tie one corner of multiple scarves directly on a curtain rod for a fun valance

11. Sheets – Flat sheets make a fabulous choice for curtain fabric in a pinch. Depending on the length of curtain you want you may not even have to hem them.

12. Lace – Using lace you can create your own custom sheers, lace has become a lost art, with many people having stashes of lace buried in hope chests or linen closets that their mothers and grandmothers used. Break out that lace and give it new life by transforming it into beautiful custom curtains.

13. Tablecloths – Like lace, tablecloths are one of those things we tend to collect and forget we have. Some lightweight tablecloths make great fabric options for rocking out a set of great curtains or use the tablecloth fabric to add tiebacks to existing curtains.

Unique Ideas

14. Placemats – placemats come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Sew or attach placemats together for a unique valance.

15. Tea Towels – tea towels are large enough to serve as small curtain panes, just sew one side to slip a curtain rod threw. Another option is to sew tab loops across the top edge and use that for the curtain rod. This gives you a chance to add a pop of color.

16. Drop Cloths – Like with the cornices, drop cloth can also be used to make your very own custom curtains. Simply cut to length and hem, leaving enough room at the top for a curtain rod. One great idea that I have seen is to paint scripted words on the drop cloth. Draw out your design with a pencil then follow up with a soft metallic paint for a truly one of a kind look.

17. Double it up – looking for a DIY to up your energy savings, double up any fabric for your very own custom insulated curtains. If you need even more insulation, purchase some fusible batting to sandwich between the two fabrics. Use an iron to fuse the fabric to the batting, or sew it, but be sure to test the iron on a swatch of fabric to make sure it will not damage it.

18. Paper – Yep, you read that right paper. You can use paper to decorate your window glass, roll into decorative shapes for an artistic valance, or even use thin paper sheets to make a paper blind.

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