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Curtain Heading Style

Flat Panel

Sleek and modern, perfect for large floor-to-ceiling windows and covering sliding doors in a discreet, simple style.

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Grommeted curtains are a good alternative to flat panel drapery in modern settings.

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Pinch Pleat

The classic pleated drape; nothing more need be said.

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Rod Pocket

Rod pocket drapes give a classic look to any room; beware, they’re not easy to open and close, and best used in a decorative role.

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Simple, clean, and timeless; tabbed drapes work well when they’re not supposed to steal the show from the rest of a room.

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Tailored Pleat

A modern version of a pleated drape, with a simpler look than pinch pleats.

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Choosing the Right Curtain Header

At Emma Custom, we know how much of an impact window treatments can have on the overall look of your home. That is why it is our mission to help you find quality custom drapes at a price you can afford. We find that the first step is choosing the right curtain heading. The curtain heading is the top piece of the curtain that attaches to the curtain track or rod, and helps shape the flow of the curtain fabric.

The six most popular types of headings are tailored pleat, pinch pleat, flat panel, rod pocket, tabbed and grommeted. If you prefer the pleated curtain look, we recommend either tailored pleat or pinch pleat curtains. If you prefer a more modern feel than flat panel curtains or grommeted curtains might be what you are looking for instead. For a simple, timeless look, a rod pocket or tabbed curtain heading is a great choice. There is an option for every style.

We can also guide you on other important decisions like measuring correctly to get the right length and width, pairing curtain accessories, and choosing the right fabric. The rule of thumb when choosing curtain fabric is that lighter fabrics are more casual looking and let in the most light, while plusher fabrics have a more formal, sophisticated feel and offer more privacy.

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