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Homeowners’ Guide on How to Buy Curtains

When you are decorating your home, there is so much to think about, from overall style and design to colors and patterns. And let’s not forget picking out carpet/rugs, furniture, lighting and other pieces of décor. The curtains in each room might not seem like a big component, but it really is. Not only do your curtains provide you protection from the sun and privacy, they also add something special to the look and feel of each room.

Purchasing the right curtains or drapes for your home is an essential part of interior design and you don’t want to just put up any old thing. To help you, check out our Homeowners’ Guide on How to Buy Curtains.

Choosing the right fabric

One of the first things you will probably need to decide when buying new curtains or drapes is choosing the right texture and color of the fabric. It is important to keep in mind the overall aesthetic you want for the room. For example, silks and velvets are typically used in more formal settings while linens and cottons connote a more casual style.

Here are a couple of rules of thumbs to go by. First, you always want to choose a color and pattern that will complement all the colors and patterns already in the room. Always pick a color from the room that is just a few shades darker or lighter or if you want your curtains to pop more then maybe you want to introduce a new color to the room’s palette.

Another general rule of thumb is to only choose curtains with prints and patterns if the room is mostly neutrals so you don’t too many patterns clashing with each other.

Finally, when choosing curtain fabrics, you will need to decide between sheer and opaque fabrics. Sheer fabrics don’t offer much protection from the sunlight or very much privacy, but are perfect for rooms where you just want to partially filter out the light or just want to give the illusion of privacy like with patio doors or in the kitchen. Opaque fabrics tend to have a higher thread count and offer more sun protection and privacy. Examples are cotton, synthetic fabrics, silk, velvet and bamboo blends.

Taking exact measurements

The next step is getting the right measurements so you have enough fabric to cover your different size windows.

Length: Most design experts recommend that you go with floor-length curtains in most rooms like the living room, bedrooms and family room unless there is something obstructing it like a radiator or a deep windowsill.

Most ready-made panels come in lengths ranging between 63 to 144 inches or you can order custom curtains instead. When measuring the window, make sure you measure from the floor to where you will hang the rod. Most curtains look best just touching the floor or hanging about a half an inch off the floor. However in rooms like kitchen or bathroom, the curtains should fall to just a half inch above the windowsill instead. There is also a popular trend for curtains to extend a little more than what we consider floor length curtains about another one to three inches more, so the curtains pool on the floor in a more dramatic fashion.

Width: The combined width of your curtain panels should be 2 to 2 ½ times the width of the window. However with pleated curtains that are already very full, you can just measure the width of the window exactly instead.

Choosing Between Custom and Readymade

Another big decision you will have to make is choosing between custom and readymade curtains. While custom drapery and curtains can be on the more expensive side, it can be worth the extra cost when you go to the right place.

There are many benefits to choosing custom curtains and custom drapes. For one, you will always get the highest quality fabrics, never having to worry about any flaws, snags in the material or color variation because the fabric is meticulously inspected before the curtains are made. Also, there are no color variations in between the panels because all fabric comes from the same dye lot.

Each custom order is also constructed using your individual specifications, which means they will hang more beautifully than any ready-made curtain and will last you a lot longer too. When properly taken care of, custom drapery can last you almost 30 years.

With custom curtains and drapes, you will also have more choices when it comes to the lining so you can get the exact look and effect you want in each room of your home with the best insulated curtain. And with custom curtains, you can feel confident that your curtains and drapes are unique and tailored to your home.

For more information on how to buy custom curtains cheap, start browsing curtain designs or contact us for questions or guidance!
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