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How To Buy Curtains For an Apartment

how to buy curtains

When you’re living in an apartment, it can sometimes be difficult to think of the place as truly yours. There are considerations to be made when it comes to coloring and wallpaper if you don’t want to lose your deposit, and you can’t put too many holes in the wall to hang things, either.

Making it a place of your own comes down to your furniture and décor choices. A lot of layouts are color-specific and require splashes of color in different places. One of the easiest ways to change the color palette in a room while blocking exterior noise and less than stellar views is by hanging curtains over your windows.

It can be difficult to know how to buy curtains for an apartment, especially because the sizing can often be strange and you won’t be able to permanently install curtain rods. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to buy curtains for your apartment to make it feel more like a home.

Damage-Free Hanging

Now, most landlords will overlook a couple of holes in the wall because they’re easy to fill up and spackle over when you leave. Unfortunately, too many holes will not go unnoticed. Neither will it go unnoticed if your landlord is a stickler and looking for any reason to avoid giving back your deposit. If you want to avoid holes, then here are a few different options that will work for curtains.

Keep in mind the intended use and style when you’re hunting for hanging. Light, gauzy curtains can use very thin rods and light hooks, but if you’re looking for blackout curtains, that will require sturdier options.

Temporary Hooks

Command hooks are a great solution. They’re temporary and will attach pretty much everything you need, like picture frames and shelves, but if you tug on the tab it will instantly let go and come off the wall. They sell some hooks that are specifically designed to hold curtain rods, too.

Tension Rods

For traditional windows that include frames, you can use a tension rod. It will stretch across the frame and let you hang curtains. Sheer curtains can go with a thin rod, and heavier ones will need thicker rods. Position it at the top of your window for full privacy, or stick it lower down for a more country chic look.

Twist and fit rods work similar to a compression rod, but their design will give the impression of a hook for a more sophisticated look. These also come in a wider array of colors and finishes.

Make Sure Your Measurements Are Perfect

Apartments can be a bit trickier than homes because the dimensions leave you guessing. How long should curtains be? That depends on the room, the placement of the window, and your style preference.

When it comes to length, most experts recommend floor-length curtains for living rooms and bedrooms unless there’s a reason not to. Most of the time, curtains look best when hanging barely half an inch above the floor or even touching it.

In kitchens and bathrooms, your curtains shouldn’t be that long. These rooms should have curtains that fall to just about half an inch above your windowsill instead. If you are too OCD to follow that sort of trend, then extend the curtains to the sill itself, so that the base of the curtain just barely touches the bottom frame without pooling of dropping below it.

Most of the ready-made panels will range from 63 to 144 inches in length. When you measure your window, you should measure from the floor up to where you want to hang your rod. If you are in doubt about the right length when you are purchasing, it’s always better to buy long and hem curtains than it is to buy some that are too short and look awkward.

The width of your curtain panels should be 2 to 2.5 times the width of the window. With pleated or full curtains, you can use the width of the window exactly instead because you won’t need to bunch them to create volume.

Ready-Made Versus Custom

Shopping for curtains in apartments can be extremely difficult. There are several different obstacles that aren’t as easily solvable as just grabbing command hooks and tension rods. Apartment windows rarely extend as far down as home windows. They are usually much smaller than standard window sizes, but also much longer.

Their blinds tend to be more awkward and bulky, and impossible to remove. The frames are either too deep or not quite deep enough, and even finding space for tension rods can be nearly impossible.

For this reason, it can often be more stress than it is worth to look for readymade curtains. Before you tell me that if you could afford to buy custom curtains online, you wouldn’t be looking for how to buy curtains for an apartment, let me reassure you that cheap custom curtains do exist!

Custom curtains will let you choose high-quality fabrics without fearing that they will easily snag or tear. You can also be sure that all of the curtains come from the same dye lot, so there won’t be any micro variations in color.

These also hang much nicer than readymade curtains because they are made according to your exact measurements. They will last for decades if you take care of them.They also give you a choice for your lining. This means you can play around with insulation and the exact look and effect you want when hanging your curtains, whether you want them to hang, to bunch up, or to flow.

Play with Design Elements

Another great way to make an apartment space feel more like your own home is to realize that you don’t have to have a single color or type of curtain per window. You can easily hang a dark and heavy curtain and a light, breezy one next to each other and later them up throughout the window for a nice two-tone look. Buy a spectrum for some ombre and gradient looks. You can mix patterns with solids for a splash of design without making a small apartment room look too busy, too!

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