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How to Clean Custom Curtains

how to clean custom curtains

You went all out and designed the perfect curtains for your home. You ordered those custom drapes and you paid those custom prices, but now what? They’ve been hanging on your windows and they look great, but let’s face it – they need to be cleaned!

Getting those custom drapes created and installed is one thing, but it goes beyond that to custom care for your curtains. You want your curtains to stay looking amazing and you want them to have a nice long window life, after all, you most likely paid a good amount of money for them!

In this article, we will share with you all of the insider tips and need-to-know details to keep your curtains looking great. We will share insights for different fabrics and things you can do at home to keep those drapes fresh!

Check Your Fabric Labels

You know not all drapes are created equal, because you had those drapes made custom just for you. One of the first and most basic things you can do to make sure you’re taking proper care of those drapes is to check the fabric labels.

Many fabrics recommend specific care and the labels will usually give you some great instructions on some of the do’s and don’ts for your specific fabric. Be very careful from here. While the labels may suggest you can machine wash, understand that time in the sun could make the fabric more fragile.

There are some fabrics that always need to be dry-cleaned and when you’re working with large amounts fabric that can get costly, but keep in mind that your drapes were custom made and proper care is worth it.

Do Minor Cleaning Regularly

You can complete basic upkeep on your curtains on a more regular basis and this will help them look fresh for longer. Watch for stains and dust and take care of those things on a routine basis. This will allow you to space out the heavy-duty cleaning farther and save some money on those deep cleanings.

You can use an upholstery attachment with a vacuum and gently vacuum your curtains to remove dust build-up. If you do this on a routine basis, it will protect your curtains and give them longer life while keeping them looking great!

Another option for keeping that dust at bay is to use a broom with soft fibers and brush if over your curtains, especially in those folds and creases. Keeping the curtains dusted on a regular basis will protect them and extend the overall life of the curtains.

Simple Upkeep Makes a Difference

Don’t forget that the rods, valances, and any other curtain hardware are a part of your custom curtains. You need to follow simple upkeep routines with these pieces as well to help keep your custom curtains clean and fresh. Make sure to dust these pieces often, maybe dust them on the same routine schedule you dust or vacuum the drapes.

A good tip for simple upkeep is to give your drapes a gentle shake each day as you draw them or close them. Make this a part of your daily routine and it will also help keep dust at bay. Remember, the dust at bay keeps the doctor away… errr, that’s how the saying goes, right?

Use Steam and Fresh Air

Another great way to care for your curtains without hauling them to the dry-cleaners is steam. On a rotating schedule from your dusting schedule, you can also steam clean your curtains. Steam cleaning does not need done as frequently as dusting but is a great option for keeping curtains clean without a wash cycle.

You can also open up the windows or hang them on a clothesline and let them air naturally. The fresh air will blow out allergens and dust and help to freshen the curtains up overall.

Different Fabrics Require Different Care

Not all fabrics can be cared for the same way. Your drapes may have a specialty fabric or a special lining. Your drapes may be velvety or insulated. It’s very important to keep in mind that different types of fabrics require different types of care.

Read the labels and follow their instructions carefully. The labels are there to help you protect the life of the fabric. If a label suggests dry-clean only, do not try to machine wash the fabric. Remember though that while you may need to have your custom curtains dry-cleaned you can practice other tips to keep them clean for longer periods of time in between those trips to the cleaners.

Keep in mind that not all dry-cleaners are familiar with all fabrics. Find a cleaning company that is familiar with high-quality drapes and the specialty fabric they will be working with.

After Cleaning Care Matters

When your curtains are washed, after-care is also very important if you want to keep them looking their best. We mentioned earlier to make sure you’re cleaning the surrounding surfaces and the hanging implements. You don’t want to clean your curtains only to place them back on a dusty surface, but there are other steps that keep your curtains looking fresh as well.

You can iron your curtains, especially in the pleated areas. When operating an iron or steamer with them, once again be sure to pay attention to your fabric labels, as you may need to use certain settings to not harm your fabric.

If you machine-wash your custom curtains, you may not be able to machine dry them. However, if you do machine dry, once again be sure to follow label instruction. It is possible that you will need to stretch your material once it’s completed the wash process. Lay your curtains flat and stretch them gently at the corners. They should return to normal sizes.

Overall, the best way to care for your curtains is to come up with a routine dusting schedule, make sure you’re completing the minor maintenance steps on a routine basis, and most importantly read and follow your label instructions for your fabrics. You want your custom curtains to live a long and useful life and we want that for you as well!

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