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Beautify and Insulate Your Home With Custom Insulated Curtains

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It’s been a tough winter, and it’s not over yet, not for those of us who live in the Northeast or Midwest. Temperatures dropped earlier than usual, and have stayed low for the most part. Sure, out East we had a 70 degree day in January, but mostly it’s been colder than last year.

So why did my heating bill this winter drop by almost half? Well, I did something that most people think of as interior decoration, not winterizing. I installed custom curtains over the summer. Most people don’t realize that this one change can both beautify and better insulate their home.

Everyone thinks about insulation as something you put behind your walls, and when it comes to windows they just forget all about it.

But windows are weak spots when it comes to keeping your home warm or cool. Even the best ones have just a few panes of glass standing between your family and the elements. All this means that a typical home, especially an older one with heavy walls and older windows, might lose as much as 40% of its heat through its windows, even those they’re a fraction of the size of your walls.

Curtains, especially ones with a good lining or made of a thick insulated curtain material like velvet, can break that cycle. That should be obvious for a heavy curtain, as it’s like a blanket, but even a lighter one goes a long way towards keeping a home warm. Curtains have insulating value on their own, but their most important role is that, when drawn, they block warm air inside your home from coming into contact with windows. Think of them as the lid on a pot; an open pot takes a long time to boil, as heat escapes where the water touches the air, but a covered one holds in most of that heat and speeds up the process.

Blinds have very little insulating value, even when closed, because they’re so close to a window and conduct the cold so well. A set of heavy insulated curtains will make a world of difference for you compared to blinds, but even sheer curtains can help warm your home. Our ground floor windows have only the sheers drawn, but they’re still keeping the ground floor noticeably warmer than last year, and our furnace runs much less than it did.

How to Buy Curtains

Below are some points to consider when researching how to buy curtains for purposes of insulating your home and reducing your heating bill.

  • All curtains provide some sort of insulation that’s better than blinds
  • Insulated drapes are always the best option
  • Insulated curtains or drapes can be defined as curtains with a liner or heavy insulated curtains made of a heavy material – or both
  • Even a sheer curtain can provide some sort of insulation for your windows

If you’re looking for a way to fight the winter cold and save money year after year on your heating bills, you’d do well to consider investing in standard curtains with a liner or insulated curtains, especially for the largest windows in your home.

Featured Insulated Curtain – Velvet

Our velvet fabrics have a slight play of lighter and darker or more and less reflective spots, and several come in mixed colors, breaking up the monotony of an old-fashioned velvet and making them a good choice for modern spaces where a sense of privacy is desired. Order them with a liner for extra warmth and curtain insulation.

velvet insulated curtains

At Emma Custom, we’ll be happy to help you create the perfect custom curtains for any room in your home. We have some of the best insulated curtains available for custom ordering – at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Set yourself on the path to a warmer, more beautiful home, and start designing your custom curtains today.

Wishing everyone a warm winter and early spring,


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