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Basic Abstract Custom Curtains

The same fabric as our “Basic” series, available with an abstract “cut grass” pattern in select neutral colors.

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More about Basic Abstract Custom Curtains

Our Basic Abstract Custom Curtains use the same thin polyester fabric as the rest of our “Basic” series, with an abstract pattern that evokes images of cut grass or 4th of July sparklers.

All five color options are neutral, including the muted burgundy. We chose these colors to suit a wide variety of interior designs, so you won’t need to repaint the walls to get the look you desire. Bring life to your new house or freshen up a rental property with this lively pattern, and save time and money on other refurbishments.

All Emma’s custom curtains are tailored specifically for your space. Send us your measurements, and we’ll provide curtains with the fit and dimensions you need. Let us beautify your home, so you can spend less time remodeling and more time living your life to the fullest.

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