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Basic Damask Custom Curtains

The same fabric as our “Basic” series, available with a damask pattern in select neutral colors.

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More about Basic Damask Custom Curtains

Our Basic Damask Custom Curtains are tailored from the same polyester fabric as the rest of our “Basic” series, with a damask pattern of leaves and flowers.

Damask patterned fabrics first became popular in China during the middle ages, when they were woven in silk fabrics for the rich and powerful. When Marco Polo returned to Italy, Chinese patterns quickly became popular, and Italian weavers wove damask patterned cloth that soon made its way throughout Europe. Now you can bring this ancient beauty into your bedroom or living room.

All of Emma’s custom curtains are cut to your select measurements, at a price you can afford. Why spend a small fortune on someone else’s custom curtains? We’ll do all the work for you, and guarantee a proper fit and top quality stitching. Beautify your home today, in your choice of five neutral colors.

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