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Basic Diamond Custom Curtains

The same fabric as our “Basic” series, available with a decorative diamond pattern in select neutral colors.

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More about Basic Diamond Custom Curtains

Our Basic Diamond Custom Curtains are cut from the same polyester cloth as the rest of our “Basic” custom curtains, with an elegant diamond pattern that’s all curves but suggests straight lines.

These curtains are available in five colors, all of which are neutral enough to suit a variety of interior paints and furniture styles. Whether you’re giving your old home a makeover or brightening up your new bedroom, new curtains can change the face of an entire room without breaking the bank.

All of our custom curtains are cut to fit your exact measurements. Not only will you get the exact fit that you deserve, you’ll be able to customize the pleats at the top of the curtain, choose a valence that suits your style, and add inner sheer curtains for a layered look. Send us your measurements, and we’ll do the rest of the work.

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