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Basic Floral Custom Curtains

The same fabric as our “Basic” series, available with a traditional floral pattern in select neutral colors.

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More about Basic Floral Custom Curtains

Basic Floral Custom Curtains are designed with the same fabric as our basic custom curtains, but with the addition of an elegant floral pattern sewn into the fabric. The basic floral custom curtains are available in 5 neutral shades, ranging from a light tan to a deep burgundy color.

Details of Basic Floral Custom Curtains:

  • 100% polyester fabric
  • Affordable custom curtain option
  • Made to order for your personalized style and sizing needs
  • Unique floral designs are woven into our basic custom curtain

Building on the design of the basic custom curtain, these floral custom curtains add a unique touch of something extra to your basic design. Utilizing the basic design with the floral pattern allows the price to remain one of the most affordable custom curtain options while appealing to the eye with the elegant pattern. The floral appeal adds an edge of sophisticated glamour to your room.

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