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Basic Wave Custom Curtains

The same fabric as our “Basic” series, available with a wave pattern in select neutral colors.

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More about Basic Wave Custom Curtains

Are you looking for a chic, modern approach to custom drapery? Look no farther than the basic wave custom curtains. These custom drapes put a modern spin on our basic custom curtains, giving the simplest touch of modern flair to complete the room.

The basic wave custom curtains are available in 5 neutral shades in soft tones or deeper tones, depending on what you need. As with all our curtains, these shades are customized to the style and dimensions that you need for your window space.

The basic wave custom curtains portray small wave patterns throughout the curtain fabric. These custom drapes are made with the same 100% polyester fabric as our affordable basic custom curtain sets. Choose the heading style that you prefer and accessorize your curtains as you need.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek, modern appeal or you want chic accentuations to your window space, these custom drapes are perfect for every room. The wave pattern adds the perfect touch of design to give an additional boost to the basic look.

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