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Cross-Hatch Custom Curtains

A simple cotton blend in a neutral gray color with a cross-hatch pattern, perfect for a modern, sleek look.

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More about Cross-Hatch Custom Curtains

Put a classic twist on a simple cotton curtain with these crosshatch custom curtains. The crosshatch pattern adds a modern appeal to our cotton custom curtains, using the same cotton blend fabric with the added design.

The crosshatch pattern is a simple line design that crosses throughout the curtains in a randomized line pattern. The simplicity of the design draws in the eye and ties the room together, decorating your window space in a charming manner.

These custom drapes are a neutral gray color with a white crosshatch pattern. They can blend and match with nearly any room design. The cotton blend fabric with the added design defines your window style, allowing sunlight to lightly filter into the room.

The cotton style with the light design is ideal for a living room or bedroom; giving a chic look that will have your guests wishing for their own custom curtains. These curtains are personalized with every order for your specific window needs, and additional customization of headings, linings, and tiebacks are available.

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