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Damask Custom Curtains

One pattern in a series of synthetic, low-care, long-lasting fabrics, with a damask pattern available in ten colors.

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More about Damask Custom Curtains

The damask custom curtains are a simple damask pattern in a variety-blend fabric. The fabric is designed with a series of synthetic high-quality fabrics that are low maintenance.

With the custom fabric blend and damask pattern, you find a sophisticated style that would be hard-pressed to meet its match. Our damask custom curtains are available in five shades, including pastel tones that are a great neutral option for many classic designs.

The damask pattern offers a fashionable statement piece that would be perfect in your living room, dining area, or even a modern bedroom. The color options of these custom curtains allow you to add a light pop of color to any standard d├ęcor or room. The shades are very complimentary and add just a slight touch of personalization that will pull a room together.

These custom curtains are designed to offer a high-quality, elegant appeal while also retaining our budget-friendly philosophy. Make these custom drapes your own style with valances, tiebacks, or adding sheer panels. Give your windows an elegant custom look that you will be proud of!

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