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Embroidered Bouquet Custom Sheer Curtains (Blue)

A white, very fine sheer fabric with bouquets of flowers embroidered on the surface in blue thread.

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More about Embroidered Bouquet Custom Sheer Curtains (Blue)

Emma’s Embroidered Bouquet Custom Sheer Curtains are cut from a fine, sheer white fabric, with blue bouquets embroidered throughout for decoration.

Sheer curtains give you the privacy you deserve in your home, while letting in enough sunlight to brighten the room. The fabric has a hint of blue, but just a hint. The blue bouquets have a hint of green, which makes them neutral enough to match a variety of interior design schemes. When the sunlight shines through, the bouquets cast playful shadows, evoking the image of a lively garden patch.

These custom sheer curtains are made specifically for you. Why take a chance with big box décor, or raid your kids’ college fund to hire an interior decorator? Send Emma’s your measurements, and we’ll cut the curtains exactly as you need them. You can even choose your own heading.

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