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Embroidered Bouquet Custom Sheer Curtains (White)

A white, very fine sheer fabric with bouquets of flowers embroidered on the surface in white thread.

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More about Embroidered Bouquet Custom Sheer Curtains (White)

These custom sheer curtains are woven from a fine, sheer white fabric, with decorative white bouquets embroidered throughout the surface.

For a balance of privacy and sunlight, nothing beats a quality set of sheer curtains. They brighten the room, while still allowing you the privacy you deserve. The fabric on these curtains has a hint of blue, but just enough to tone down the white. The bouquets are embroidered with velvety thread that looks and feels airy. In the sunlight, they cast soft shadows on the floor, bringing your room to life.

All of Emma’s custom sheer curtains are cut to the measurements you send us. No need to rely on expensive interior decorators or gamble on a one-size-fits-all home improvement store window dressing. Choose your pattern, choose the header you like, and let us do the rest.

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