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Embroidered Flowers Custom Sheer Curtains (Blue)

A white, very fine sheer fabric with individual flowers embroidered on the surface in white and blue thread.

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What is this?
What is this?


More about Embroidered Flowers Custom Sheer Curtains (Blue)

This sheer white fabric is extra fine, and has decorative blue and white flowers embroidered throughout the surface.

Why choose between privacy and light when you can have both? These custom sheer curtains let the daylight into your home, and still give you the privacy everyone wants in their home. The blue flowers are embroidered with a light, soft thread that looks and feels like a plush finish. The white flowers are simple outlines. Combined, they cast playful shadows on your floor, suggesting a flower bed.

Emma’s Embroidered Flowers Custom Sheer Curtains are tailored to fit your windows. There’s no need to throw the dice on curtains from a big box store, and you won’t need to take out a second mortgage to pay for an interior designer. Send us your window dimensions, and we’ll provide a perfect cut, every time.

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