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Mocha Sheers Custom Curtains

Mocha Sheers is a fine mocha-colored fabric perfect for reducing glare while it’s sheer coverage still allows some natural light to brighten a room. Each custom curtain is made specifically for you, with your design choices at the core.

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More about Mocha Sheers Custom Curtains

The deep and lightly variegated color offers a neutral tone that will fit with any room, while custom sheer curtain features make for a perfect fit that shows your unique fashion sense in every fold. Here at Emma’s Customs, we’ll work to make sure every detail is exactly as you want it.

The fine darker threads in this fabric contrast beautifully against thicker pale threads in the weave, making for an appealing fabric that draws the eye without stealing the show.

This curtain provides a balance between rustic appeal and sophisticated fashion sense, perfectly tailored to your home and décor. This fabric is perfect for rooms with large windows and lots of natural light that you want to enjoy all day long.

As a design feature, these curtains act as a fashionable accent without drawing attention away from other architectural features and décor.

All custom curtains are made to order based on your interior design style, taste and measurements.

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