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Plaid Linen Custom Curtains

This linen-polyester blend combines the high-fashion look of fine linen with easy to wash and maintain polyester. The plaid design on each fabric is embroidered over rather than being woven or dyed in. This simple yet elegant fabric also comes in a wide variety of colors, guaranteeing that you can select a perfect custom curtain for any room.

Pale Teal
Coarse Brown
Coarse Warm Gray
Coarse Brown
Cool White
Cool Gray
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More about Plaid Linen Custom Curtains

This fabric gives you all the freedom you need to make bold decorating decisions. You can use different coordinating colors on the windows of a single room or take advantage of the curtain design as a unifying element across many rooms and color schemes in your home.

Each color is bright and color-fast, from the lighter neutrals to the bold red. The contrasting plaid adds texture and color without being distracting or overbearing, from the light pink-on-cream of the palest curtain in this collection to the contrasting browns of the darkest.

Each plaid square is about 6.5 inches on a side, creating an attractive wide-block pattern throughout.

All custom curtains are made to order based on your interior design style, taste and measurements.

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