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Satin Abstract Custom Curtains

Our Satin Abstract Custom Curtain fabric features a “paint splatter” design in a variety of soft colors. All custom curtains are made to your exact design specifications to bring a unique spark to your interior design.

Pale Green
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More about Satin Abstract Custom Curtains

The “paint splatter” patterning on these curtains gives them a subtle softness and glow that makes them the darling of a room. With a range of color choices, these are perfect for spaces that need a personal touch and homey vibe.

These custom curtains can be a subtle and functional element of your room décor or can bring a pop of soft color. They’re perfect for any room of the house but especially beautiful in bedrooms, dining rooms, and entrances.

At Emma’s Customs, we’ll work hard to make sure every detail is perfect, crafting each customer curtain with your design choices first.

All custom curtains are made to order based on your interior design style, taste and measurements.

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