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Streaked Satin Custom Curtains

Our Streaked Satin Custom Curtains feature white satin with dappled gray streaks running across the fabric for a modern take on the classic stripe. Each curtain is made to your exact measurements and with the heading style of your choice so that it perfectly fits your style and décor.

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More about Streaked Satin Custom Curtains

These curtains create a modern spin on the classic striped curtain look. They’re a subtle fit for any room, although they particularly complement rooms that play with the contrast between dark and light.

Perfect for modern homes with lots of clean edges and sharp lines, the dappled streaks on this fabric play with the contrast while still adding a soft homey touch. This fabric will also play well with cool-colors, particularly blues and greens, for a relaxed but sophisticated look.

All custom curtains are made to order based on your interior design style, taste and measurements.

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