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Traditional Satin Flowers Custom Curtains

This lovely fabric proves that classics never truly go out of style. Featuring a floral design over a warm gray base, this fabric is elegant, fashionable, and modern. Custom curtains made from our Traditional Satin Flowers look and feel luxurious.

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More about Traditional Satin Flowers Custom Curtains

The clean lines and delicate shading on this fabric are a beautiful addition to any room. The pattern is sure to draw the eye, while the relaxed, subtle colors are a study in what a simple palate can do. This fabric makes for a complex curtain that makes a statement without being too out there.

Don’t limit yourself to simple solid color curtains, adding some variation and pattern can add a ton of life and personality to your space. Matching the colors of your curtain to the colors of your walls, carpet, or furniture will create a unified look, or you can let the curtains add an entirely unique note for a more textured feeling.

All custom curtains are made to order based on your interior design style, taste and measurements.

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