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Twill-Woven Linen Custom Curtains

Linen is always in season, and by twill weaving this fabric we’ve made it possible to have the beautiful look of linen fabric without all the care and maintenance it usually requires. With close to 30 color options for this beautiful fabric, we can create a perfect custom curtain for any room.

Dark Gray
Dark Tan
Light Gray
Lime Green
Navy Blue
Pale Beige
Pale Blue
Pale Tan
Pale Yellow
Pink Gray
Red Sandstone
Sand and Sea
Spotted Blue
Spotted Cream
Spotted Sand
Spotted Tan
Warm Gray
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More about Twill-Woven Linen Custom Curtains

Twill is a slightly tighter weave than traditional linen, protecting it from wear and tear damage and making it easier to maintain. It also adds a slight diagonal texture to the fabric that appears on closer examination, while at a distance this fabric has the distinctive thready appearance of good linen.

Single-color fabrics like this are a great match for highly decorated rooms or rooms with rich color schemes that can be mirrored in the fabric. Adding details like a valence, especially to longer-length curtains, will add sophistication and style to this classic-looking fabric.

All custom curtains are made to order based on your interior design style, taste and measurements.

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