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Vine & Flowers Custom Curtains

One pattern in a series of synthetic, low-care, long-lasting fabrics, patterned with vines and flowers, available in ten colors.

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More about Vine & Flowers Custom Curtains

Are you a Jane, or more of a Tarzan? Whichever you are, these custom drapes will provide the jungle aesthetic that fits your personality. Made from our signature low-care long-lasting synthetic fabrics, these vine & flowers custom curtains come in 10 soft colors from a lush greeny-blue to pastel pink. Perfect for a bedroom or living space, these custom sheer curtains are sure to bring the aesthetic of the untamed wild to your house. We find that these curtains go best with a more modern-esque setup, characterized by lighter, softer colors such as greens, blues, pinks, and purples.

All of our synthetic custom curtains are machine washable and are less prone to fading due to sunlight Best of all, our extremely affordable custom curtains will leave your wallet fat and happy. Our Vine & Flowers Custom Curtains is just one pattern in our line of synthetic, low-care, long-lasting fabrics.

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