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Wave Sheer Curtains

The same pattern from our “Wave” series of fabrics, set on a white sheer curtain.

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More about Wave Sheer Curtains

Are you a fan of the beach? Well, now you can bring the comfort and the aesthetic of the beach to your own home with our relaxing Wave Sheer Custom curtains. This offering is the same pattern from our “Wave” series of fabrics, set upon a supple machine-washable white sheer curtain. At only $2.40, this one is practically free.

Our Wave Sheer Custom Curtains feature a soft undulating pattern of gray and white-wave streaks that emulate the lazy shape of the water on a soft calm morning. Imagine yourself sitting on the shore watching the sunrise as the waves roll in from the horizon. Now you can bring that feeling to your house for an affordable price that is much less than an actual beach trip.

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