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Woven Damask Custom Sheer Curtains

The Woven Damask sheer curtain is a white, very fine sheer curtain fabric with four inch damasks woven throughout. All custom sheer curtains are made to order based on your interior design style and measurements.

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What is this?
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More about Woven Damask Custom Sheer Curtains

A Damask is a reversible pattern made from some fabric, first developed in the Syrian city of Damascus during the Middle Ages. Our Woven Damask Custom Sheer Curtains features a white sheer curtain fabric with a 4-inch damask pattern woven throughout. The pattern is reversible, so you can orient the curtains on whichever side you please. Like all of our curtains, our Woven Damask Custom Curtains are made to order based on your specific measurements and interior design styles.

Our Woven Damask Custom Curtains work best in an open space with plenty of light. They also work wonders in a bedroom or sitting room as they provide a unique exotic look and tranquil atmosphere. The white Damask pattern and soft gray cross-stitched background go great with virtually any color scheme, so they are very flexible in where you can put them in your home.

As with all of Emma Custom products, we provide the best in terms of value, customization, and quality. All of our fabrics are sourced from quality materials and cut-to-fit your unique situation.

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