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4 Ways to Save Money on Custom Curtains and Drapes

ways to save money on custom curtains and drapes

Nothing ties together the styling of a room quite like the perfect curtains or drapes. Unfortunately, off the shelf curtains and drapes can be hard to match to the size and height of your windows. There’s nothing more frustrating than ordering curtains online or visiting a local retailer after careful measurement, only to find there’s something slightly off when you hang them.

Custom curtains and drapes are the perfect solution to this problem. If you’ve looked into this option you’ve learned the sky is the limit when it comes to how much you could spend on custom curtains and drapes. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips and tricks to help you save money on your custom curtains and drapes.

Find a Discount Custom Curtain Makers Online

Companies like Emma Custom Curtains offer high quality curtains custom made for your windows at a discount price.  Emma Custom was started by a couple who were frustrated by the lack of affordable, quality custom curtains on the market.

Emma Custom’s products are mad using high quality fabric, and they’re all custom made according to the measurements you send them. The price, though, is the best part. Emma Custom’s curtains are unbelievably affordable, making them the ideal place to save money on curtains without compromising on quality.

Drop Cloth Curtains

If you love the farmhouse style, drop cloth curtains could be an easy do it yourself project that will seriously cut down on the cost of custom curtains. To achieve this look, all you need are painter’s drop cloths, which you can buy online relatively inexpensively.

Drop cloths are just large cuts of cotton fabric, they’re durable and they block out the light pretty well too. So they’re actually perfect for drapery.

For this project, you’ll first want to measure the length and width of your windows (don’t forget to measure the length you want the curtain to cover, which may extend past the actual window). We recommend choosing a drop cloth that’s slightly bigger than the space you’re looking to cover, you can always cut off any extra, but you do want to make sure you accommodate some extra fabric for bunching- you’re not just going to be stretching the drop cloth across the window, after all!

Once you have your material, run them through the wash once. You can do this on a normal cycle or you can add bleach to the wash to whiten the fabric. It depends what color you’re going for.

To easily finish your curtains without sewing, use curtain rod clip rings (you can find these in a variety of colors and finishes. Just make sure you buy a diameter that will fit the rod you’re using). If you need to cut your fabric to achieve the desired length, you’ll use the cut side to attach the curtain rod clip rings. Simply fold over the uncut side (you can fold it a lot or a little, see how it looks and decide for yourself) attach the curtain rod clip rings and weave them through the rod.

Buy your own fabric and take it to a tailor

Here’s a secret no one selling custom curtains and drapes wants you to know: basic drapery is really easy to sew. The tricky part is having or finding the space to sew such a long piece of material.

Here’s another secret: drapery doesn’t have to be made out of expensive fabric. You won’t get a lot of hard use on drapery. The most you’ll do is tossing them into the wash once a year to rinse out the dust and refresh them.

Our best tip for inexpensive, custom curtains is to buy your own fabric at your local craft store. Cotton, linen or cotton velvet are perfect for curtains and drapes. Pick a fabric that’s between $7 and $15 a yard. The best part of this is you can match the fabric to your room. You are not limited by what’s available at a retailer in this situation, so take advantage and find a fun pattern that will add character to your room!

Once you have the fabric and know the dimensions of the window take this to your local tailor and have them sewn. You might have to call around to find a tailor that will do this, you can also ask local seamstresses but this will be a little more expensive.

Wait for the Sales

Sometimes even the simplest of do it yourself home decorating hacks just aren’t right for everyone. We get it! If you want custom home curtains or drapes, you don’t want to pay the full price and you’re not down to do any amount of creative crafting, there is one other option.

Drapery typically goes on sale at big stores with all the other linens (like towels and bedding). You’ll need to plan ahead, and this isn’t ideal if you need your window treatments immediately. January has always traditionally been the “white sale season”.

This practice dates way back to the late 1800s when Wanamaker & Co put their sheets on sale in January to bring back customers after the holiday season. Fun fact, back then all sheets were white, hence the white sale. The idea caught on and we’re still seeing the practice today. Check out sales on custom curtains and drapes at the retailers you would usually skip due to their high prices.

You’re next opportunity for linen sales is in August. This is back to school season so the idea is that college students will have apartments to furnish, but don’t worry, you don’t have to be a student to get great deal on window treatments. Just like the January White Sales, August’s back to school sales often see steep discounts on curtains and drapes, so you might just snag a high priced item for a price you can live with.

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