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Q: What sort of material types do you offer?

A: We offer a wide variety of fabric and pattern types; most are cotton, linen, or polyester. We offer many blends designed to be more durable and lower-maintenance than single-fiber fabrics, and also carry a few other kinds of fabrics, such as bamboo. We are continuously sourcing new fabrics and looking for new and interesting patterns to include in our store.

Q: Who does your sewing and manufacturing?

A: We have an exclusive relationship with a dedicated seamstress shop that fulfill all orders. We know and trust them to deliver quality work for us and our customers.

Q: How are orders shipped?

A: Currently, we ship using FedEx.

Q: What hardware is included?

A: To keep things simple and minimize shipping costs for our customers, we do not provide mounting hardware. Each order will include compatible drapery hooks to attach your curtains to rings or loops on a curtain rod or slide of your choice. Unlike our competitors, we do not sell commonly available hardware at a significant markup. We’re happy to help with style advice for any project. Just drop us a line.

Q: How long does it take to receive our curtains after placing an order?

A: At the moment, you should expect to receive your completed order in 6-8 weeks. We are working to shorten this as we refine our processes, but our emphasis is (and will always remain) on making sure you receive the best quality curtains – no shortcuts.

Q: What should we expect when we open our order?

A: Each order will come securely packaged to avoid damage. Typically, an order for a single home will come in a single box as a set. Each panel will be discretely labeled with its dimensions on the back of the heading so that you can place each pair correctly if you’ve ordered multiple window treatments in a single color or fabric. Drapery hooks will come in boxes, usually at the bottom of a package. We strongly advise that you steam your curtains before hanging as they will come folded. If you intend to iron them instead, please use low heat.

Q: How can I clean my curtains?

A: Usually, curtains only require regular dusting and vacuuming to maintain. If they become stained or soiled, we recommend the use of an upholstery cleaning attachment rather than washing a whole curtain. Contact us for further advice.

Q: If there’s a problem with my order, what should I do?

A: We stand by the quality of our curtains and will resolve all quality issues, up to and including replacing curtain panels if they’re mis-sewn or otherwise flawed. So far, we have found few or no issues with past orders, but if your order has an error, please contact us promptly for help!

Q: Do you have an in-house style expert?

A: Yes, me! I trained as a fashion designer and interior decorator and am happy to help field any questions you might have?

Q: Can you recommend someone to help me install curtains?

A: Because we deliver nationwide, we do not provide referrals for local installers. We can offer advice on how to DIY, or what to look for if you’re checking up on an expert as they do the work, but unfortunately we do not provide any service beyond that.

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