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7 Unique Ways Custom Drapery Can Transform Your Home

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Creating the right look and feel for your home can be a lot of fun, but it can also be stressful as you try to find the right combinations and not go over your budget at the same time. You may be surprised by how just adding some custom drapery to your windows can really pull a room together for you.

Check out these 7 unique ways custom drapery can transform your home.

1. Add Some Character to a Neutral Room

Today there are so many different styles and colors and patterns of custom drapery available that it is very easy to find exactly what you are looking for. If you have a neutrally decorated room that you want to add character to, all you need to do is find the perfect custom drapes. Whether you like polka dots or stripes or something more playful, the right custom drapes can add character to a room without overwhelming it. Liven up any room without having to fill it with a lot of accent pieces.

2. Create a Dramatic Effect

If you want to create a little more drama in a particular room like the bedroom or formal living room or dining room, then long sweeping custom drapes might just be what you are looking for. Drapes are thicker than curtains and give off a more sophisticated nuance and so you can use them to create a dramatic effect in any of the rooms in your home. And by choosing custom drapery instead of readymade, you can have complete control over color, texture and length to create a stylish and dramatic effect.

3. Soften a Modern Space

Do you love the modern aesthetic, but worry that it can be a little too stark? To soften up your modern style décor, choose soft and rich-looking custom drapes. The soft texture and rich colors and patterns will not only soften up all the hard edges of modern style furniture, but will also add a pop of color to contrast against all the black, white, grays and glass typical in modern décor.

4. Make Your Rooms Appear Grander

Have you always wanted bigger rooms and more expansive windows, but can’t afford to move or do a major renovation? It is amazing how just how you mount and display your custom drapes can really make your rooms appear grander. By placing the mounting rod up closer to the ceiling you can make your windows appear taller and the room larger. By having the width of the curtains extend out a little further than the window can also make a difference. The type of material you choose and how much light shines through can also make a room appear larger.

5. Allows You to Play with Texture

Another great thing about customs drapes is that they allow you to play with texture. Because you are calling all the shots, you can play around with the texture of your custom drapes to enhance any room in your home. Combine sheers with thicker material for a unique look that will impress your family and friends. Layering is a popular design trend and with custom drapes you can have a lot of fun layering different fabrics to transform any space.

6. Helps Set the Perfect Lighting

Any interior designer worth their salt will always tell you how important lighting is to any space. Besides the type and amount of lighting fixtures you put in a room, the amount of natural light that comes into a room is also important. When a room is suffused with natural light it can appear larger, but of course depending on the purpose of the room, in some spaces like a bedroom, you are not always going to want it to be bright and sunny. To get the right amount of light in each room, play around with types of drapes and liners.

7. Can Easily Refresh Any Room

Finally, if you don’t have the time or money to do a total redecoration of your home, simply switching out your window treatments can easily refresh any room. The new colors, patterns and texture of new window treatments like custom drapery will bring some new pizazz that will make the room feel fresh and exciting. Even changing out the mounting rod and adding valances or cascades can have a big enough impact.

At Emma Custom, custom drapery is our specialty. From custom drapes to custom size curtains, we offer you a lot of variety at competitive prices. We also have the best insulated curtains for your home and the fabrics we offer include cotton silk, linen, synthetics and velvet. We know the look and feel of your home is personal so we will design your window treatments to your exact specifications.

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