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What Do Custom Curtains Cost For a Beach House?

custom curtains cost

There is not much like a week away at a beach house — unless it is a week away at your beach house. There is something so incredibly appealing about having a home away from home right on the surf and sand. But, when it comes to decorating your space and making it feel as dreamy as the location, you might be stumped.

If you have ever considered getting custom curtains, we would love to help those dreams become a reality. Maybe you have heard of how expensive the custom curtains cost can be, and you are scared of sticker shock. But when you shop right, you can invest in a great custom look that does not have to break the bank.

At Emma Custom, our goal is to provide quality services at reasonable prices. Custom curtains don’t have to be scary! And there are great, affordable options out there to make your beach house your dream vacation home.

The Specs

Let’s start with the details of our beach house. Our beach house on the Jersey Shore is about 2500 square feet. Depending on where you are on the shore, the amount and size of windows in our house can vary significantly. So, for the purpose of this example, let’s say that the average window width for our beach house is 30” wide x 58” tall, and we have 12 windows that need treatment. In order to make sure we have enough fullness of curtain, we’ll add 3” to our measurements to both sides. This will make our curtain width 36”.

To extend the line of sight and to highlight the windows, we’ll hang the curtain rod higher towards the ceiling to accent the beauty of the outdoors and make the window more of a statement in the house. Knowing exactly where to put curtain rods and hanging curtains isn’t nearly as hard as it seems! To do this, we’ll add a total of 12” to our curtain height measurement, giving us 6” extra above the window and below the window.

So, our total curtain measurement for the average beach house window is 36” x 70” tall.

So, we have our measurements. Now, what kind of curtain fabric will we use? If we choose a tailored pleat heading and a standard 100% polyester curtain in a light color, we’ll see a fair comparison between our prices and a select competitor.

Popular Custom Curtain Store

Based on these measurements, the total cost per window at a popular competitor’s store would be $624.00 per window. So, if we have at least 12 windows to cover, the cost would be upwards of $7,488. No wonder custom curtains seem intimidating! This is a lot of money to spend on custom curtains.

Emma Custom Curtains

With Emma Custom Curtains, the exact same measurements and materials, including a lining for these curtains, come to only $261.72 per window. What a massive difference! That means that the cost for treating 12 windows will be much closer to $3,100, which is a lot easier of a number to justify when it comes to treating your house to custom draperies.

With Emma Custom Curtains, we chose an option to add a lining in order to compare closely with the competitor’s model. However, you may decide this is not necessary, and that would drop the price even more. And if you decide you want to add a curtain header or another accessory, those are options as well.

As always, don’t just take our word for it! Measure and research for yourself to see truly what a difference Emma Custom Curtains can do you for you and your house, in comparison to businesses selling custom drapes, or even googling “custom drapes near me.” Beach houses are notorious for having a lot of windows with a lot of varying sizes, so we’d love to work with you and all of your custom dimensions.

Beach House Living: What To Keep In Mind

If you are choosing or moving into a new beach house, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Whether you are purchasing a new house or getting ready to make updates to a home you already own, these details are important to consider.

First, but not surprisingly, make sure to consider the condition the windows are in. A well-constructed beach house should have durable impact windows. Especially if you are closer to the water, windows can be subject to very powerful winds, debris, and all sorts of storms. You may even be subject to a hurricane or two while you live there. If you don’t have impact windows yet, installing them as soon as possible is one of the best things you can do to secure your house against tornadoes and other natural disasters.

Secondly, what type of experience are you trying to have? Are you looking for a luxury getaway vacation spot, or do you want a simple and clean place for your kids to run around and grow up by the beach? Neither of these answers is particularly better than the other, but your preference will change the types of purchases you make and the way you decorate.

While hardwood flooring might be a preference for your aesthetic taste, a vinyl that looks like hardwood might hold up better under little sandy feet summer after summer. Similarly, beautifully embroidered curtains might frame your windows beautifully, but if you are trying to get your kids to stay asleep a little longer in the morning, blackout curtains might be a more practical option. Taking time to think through your house before making purchases will help ensure you get exactly what you need — and want! — out of your beach home.

At Emma Custom, our hope is to help you turn a house into your home. We want to provide high-quality curtains at the lowest price possible. Talk to our experts today about the custom curtains that are right for you.

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