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Where to Find Custom Window Treatments

Choosing curtains and drapes for your house is often the final step in taking a house and turning it into a home. The window treatments you choose can make a room feel cozy and warm, light and airy, or block out the light completely to be sure you get a good night’s sleep.

You may not have given much thought to how to buy curtains in the past, but it can get difficult if you want custom curtains and drapes. The difficulty has less to do with actually choosing your curtains, and more to do with finding a source of custom-made window treatments nearby.

Window Treatment Stores

Though rare, there are some retail stores dedicated to selling curtains and other types of window treatments. However, most often these stores do not offer custom options, or if they do, they are likely limited to color choice. These stores can be a great way to get some inspiration for window treatments even if you choose to go with more custom options.

If you are lucky enough to be in an area that has a brick and mortar custom shop that makes curtains; buyer beware. In addition to the cost of the custom curtains, the overhead costs are going to be passed on to the customer. By all means, check them out, get some estimates, then give Emma Custom a call. You may be surprised at the cost differences that not having to pay for a building, utilities, or extra employees provide that we are able to pass onto you, the consumer.

Custom Seamstress

Most locations will have a seamstress, though whether or not they work on curtains is going to be up to them. Seamstresses most often work on customized apparel. In the few instances that we are aware of customers that have contacted a local seamstress, the cost of custom curtains has been extremely high. This is most likely to their limited availability of higher bolts of fabric like those that deal in custom curtains specifically.

You may not be able to find a local shop making custom curtains, and most of us don’t know how to make them – if you did, you probably wouldn’t be reading this anyway.

Custom drapery companies are plentiful, from big brands that sell their products nationwide online to smaller companies that distribute to smaller areas, once you start searching for them you can find them everywhere. Unfortunately, the cost of custom drapery from these companies can be expensive.

This is where the next option comes in.

Websites That Specifically Sell Custom Curtains Online

Obviously, if you are reading this, then you are probably aware that you can get custom window treatments ordered online. What you may not be aware of is that using an online service such as Emma Custom gives you more than a few advantages.

First of all, we only deal with window treatments. Unlike a seamstress who is unlikely to deal in any large amounts of fabric at all, we are able to get amazing deals because we buy large amounts of fabric. The average small window may require a minimum of 10 yards of fabric, much more than a seamstress buys for most jobs, except maybe a wedding dress.

Emma Custom exists to provide consumers with a way to get quality, custom drapery at a reasonable price. Our website will guide you through the design process; you get to choose the material, the fabric, the heading, the color, everything. We’ll explain the different choices every step of the way so you’ll always understand what you’re doing and have all the information you need to make the right choice for you. Once you’ve designed the curtains or drapes you want, we’ll sell them to you at prices you won’t see anywhere else. Emma Custom provides the same level of convenience and guidance you get from bigger companies, but at a much lower cost. Because we make our curtains ourselves, we can keep our costs lower even while we offer you just as many, if not more, options for custom drapery as other stores do.

Where Not to Find Custom Window Treatments

Big Box Retailers & Department Stores

While some big box retailers and department stores may say they sell custom window treatments, their business model thrives on one-size-fits-all products, which includes pre-cut curtains, shades, drapes and window treatments. They often carry a decent selection of good brands and products, but their is a huge lack of customized curtains provided, both in design and fit. Many of their products are mass produced and of lower quality as well.

Some of these types of store might offer custom curtain consultations, but they usually come with a huge price tag – one that is multiples higher than what Emma Custom charges.


As you can see window treatments can be as varied and unique as the person looking to hang them. We hope this article has helped you get a better idea of the window treatments you may want to consider for your windows.

There are plenty of places to buy custom window treatments, whether you want simple, sleek shades or luxurious curtains. Thanks to an abundance of online stores, you have more options than ever before, and you can find them all in a wide range of price and quality. The best choice for you will depend on what you want the space to look like in the end, and how much help you feel you need. Whichever you choose, and whether you buy from us or not, we hope that you find exactly what you need to add the finishing touches to your home.

If you want to see for yourself, start designing your curtains with us now. There’s no obligation to buy the curtains you design, but you’ll get to see what options we have and what our prices are before you make any final decisions.

We understand how hard designing window treatments for your home can be, whether you are doing one window or your entire home, we are committed to making the process as easy as possible. For any help, or if you need any questions answered, please do not be shy.

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