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Why Are Custom Drapes So Expensive?

why are custom drapes so expensive

Custom drapes are totally the way to go. You get to select your style, your size, your cut, and your fabric. You can make a decision based on your own creative ideas or to match the walls and furniture. Custom drapes mean customer service, tailored to your desires. But why are custom drapes so much more expensive than the packages you buy at your local home store?

Ordering custom drapery online is so easy, but the costs can really tally up very quickly. And why is that? Why are those customer drapes that will make the perfect end to your room so costly to purchase? It seems as though they should be affordable – after all, it’s just some fabric, right?

The catch is, custom drapery is made to order. You’re not purchasing a standard drape straight out of a plastic wrapper. Those standard drapes are bulk-made and your choices become limited. The fabric, cut, length, and colors you get are at the mercy of the distributors. Here enters custom drapery.

Custom drapes are made to order – you select your fabric, your colors, and your designs. You get to choose custom size curtains made specifically to fit your area. But the question still remains – why are custom drapes so expensive? Even being custom made to order, what drives the costs to be so high?

There are many things that drive the higher costs of custom-made drapery. The workmanship put into custom drapes is the biggest cost driver. Anytime something comes custom-made, the price is driven much higher due to the ability to personalize every detail of your order.

The term “custom” in any purchase detail automatically translates to higher prices, but for obvious reasons as your purchase is literally made to order. It’s hard to imagine that made to order would mean such a significant difference in price, but you must consider the effort that goes into each order.

When something is designed, manufactured, and shipped in bulk order costs decrease because of high volume. Those manufacturers can purchase their supplies in bulk and then they can set their machines to cut, sew, and build each drape or panel the exact same way. This allows them to produce mass quantities quickly, but with no personal touch.

Many online drape companies take advantage of the market. Since custom drape order companies are more limited, they have the ability to hike their prices because people will pay more to get what they want. It’s very comparable to the wedding market. You need these items and you’re willing to seek out exactly what you want and the market allows for the cost.

We certainly want the quality, but we also want to find a fair cost. Many of the drape competitors on the market have no shame in using soaring prices just because they can. The prices are sky high and they know people will pay those exorbitant amounts so the prices stay high and those companies are successful.

Emma Custom believes in fair prices for phenomenal and personalized work. Take the soaring prices out of your custom size curtains. Worry more about fulfilling your needs and less about how much you’re going to have to spend when you shop with Emma Custom for your drapes.

Founded by a fashion designer who wanted custom drapes for their home but was frustrated with those high prices that accompany those quality custom pieces, Emma created Emma Custom. They made the process for those custom drapes simple, convenient, and much more affordable.

Emma Custom’s drapery company understands the need to have quality, custom-made drape options at a cost that won’t break the bank. Emma Custom believes in designing your drapes for your needs but delivering that service in an affordable manner.

Emma Custom has an easy to use online platform with steps laid out to make the process as simple as possible. Emma Custom even offers tutorials on how custom drapes should be prepared for and installed.

Emma Custom’s website walks you through step-by-step. You start at the top, selecting your header style for your drapes, next you select fabric and color, and then you enter your specific measurements for your windows. You finish the process by selecting miscellaneous options, such as tiebacks.

The result is you get the drapes you want, personalized to your needs and preferences, at the price you deserve. With Emma Custom, you take the stress about cost out of the picture. The simple process they have designed helps get the perfect drapes at a much more friendly cost than most custom drape companies.

No more changing your budget and not really finding exactly what you wanted, Emma and David created Emma Custom with you in mind. They saw a need for custom drapes at lower prices and they began the search to make that happen.

Emma and David were able to find their own fabric supplier and bring in local friends who ran a sewing shop to have their own custom drapes made much more affordably. They soon discovered there were many other people out there who wanted custom drapes but just didn’t want to pay the prices to have drapes custom made.

Emma and David took the idea of helping others find their dream drapes at a great cost and founded their business, Emma Custom, on those standards. Their goal is to help others customize and order exactly what they need for their home and to help them accomplish it within their budget.

There are a lot of details that be involved in designing your custom drapes, but Emma Custom strives to make that process simple and easy. Their site is informative and helpful to walk you through each step of the process and educate you about choices along the way. They help eliminate the guesswork during the process.

Emma Custom thrives on helping you create the drapes of your dreams, with the price of your dreams. Their goal is to make the experience all about you, and their theory is that you can get the quality you deserve in a reasonably affordable manner.

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